It’s already Halloween time and everyone is preparing spooky costumes and thinking about awful makeup. A Halloween costume can not be left without nail design! But you may have spent a lot of money during the holiday season and do not want to pay more for the nails. Frightening gel nails motives can make you but very easily at home. We have prepared two free tutorials for you, with which you will be able to conjure up all at Halloween Party in no time at all. Immerse yourself in the nail world of pumpkins, ghosts and blood and let yourself be inspired!

Gel nails motifs for Halloween: ideas to make yourself

Of course, very long nails are best for a Halloween party. Color them with typical Halloween colors – orange, yellow, black, white and why not purple. Use a red nail polish to create a blood effect. Blood is breathtaking on white or black (as in the picture) painted nails. With a red glitter you can also achieve this look. Gel nails Motives such as pumpkins or ghosts can be easily painted on the nails alone. If you do not like to paint, just paint spooky faces, as shown in the first tutorial. To a zombie costume fits perfectly a black nail design with a white skeleton.

Halloween Gel Nail Design: Instructions


The typical colors for Halloween nail design

Step 1: Paint the nails in white

Step 2: Drop a drop of nail polish into the water

Step 3: Dip your painted fingertips into the water with varnish

Step 4: Paint ghost faces on two of nails

…and done!

Another free tutorial from us:

Step 1: Paint the nails in black – the best color for Halloween

Step 2: Paint stroking on the nails to reach a spiderweb

Step 3: On another nails you paint with a nail polish in white and red creepy teeth

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