Love Chrome Nails, step back, the new nail trend is here! Recently, the glass nails are a total hit among ladies who are totally in love with gel nails glitter. The current alternative looks much more colorful, insane but also more elegant than the usual glitter gel nails. In this article, we will show you some of the coolest and most amazing inspirations and ideas that are shaped by the new trend in nail design, as well as a guide to the glass effect, aimed at beginners and professionals alike.

The gel nails “shattered glass” are the new gel nails glitter

From the soft pastel colors to the nude nuances to the bright colors, all colors are a perfect match for the base color for a manicure with a glass effect. The all-time favorite Glitter gel nails today presents a variety – the “shattered glass” nail design. This eye-catching effect creates a sparkling ensemble, is sumptuous and ensures an exemplary look of your hands. In combination with nude tones, the glass manicure is suitable for a workday look. In contrast, you can spice up your party look with a glass manicure in channel colors.

For the top manicured gel nails, follow these steps:

Now we’ll show you how to make a glass effect manicure yourself. The instructions are very simple. If you have not previously varnished with gel varnish, read our detailed” instructions for making gel nails yourself> . So we continue with the necessary materials for your striking glass manicure:

Basecoat in color to taste

A roll iridescent cellophane

nail scissors



Step 1:

Paint the fingernails with the base coat at least three times when the color is light. For dark shades you can apply the paint twice.

Step 2:

Cut out small pieces of iridescent cellophane with nail scissors.

Step 3:

When working with gel varnish, do not apply top varnish to fingernails before sticking the small cellophane pieces on top of them. Using the skewer, put the pieces on the nails and hold them under light pressure. To taste, you can cover all the nails with the radiant elements or just set some accents.

Step 4:

Finally, you should apply the top varnish, so that a lasting result with a flawless look is guaranteed.

The new type gel nails glitter is a real eye-catcher

Here you will find our gel nails Glitzer Gallery. Just let yourself be inspired!

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