Nude Farben für Gelnägel Glitzer
Gel nails glitter can be made in different variants. Glitter nails are not recommended for everyday life. So that you can combine your manicure with all the clothes, you do not paint all of them with glitter, but only one or two nails and they will be like a pleasant accent. For the year 2019, the mild, delicate colors such as beige, pink, nude are very trendy. These look very stylish and with a little sparkle added, the result is very effective. The pastel tones are certainly more practical for the busy ladies, who also have to look professional. The glitter can not be applied on the entire nail surface, but on one or the other half of the nail. So you can also create the nail design like a shimmering version of the French manicure.
French Manicüre von Gelnägel Glitzer
 Glitzer Gelnägel mit kleinen Steinen
Gelnägel Glitzer in naturellen Farben sieht sehr stilvoll aus

Incorporate the glitter gel mixture

Gelnägel Glitzer ist noch sehr trendig
You can easily create glitter gel yourself with nail glitter. You should just mix a lot of glitter powder or dust as desired with build-up gel and apply to the nail. For special occasions, you can combine several colors. You can use this technique to create an individual nail design. The glitter powder can also be applied directly to the nails if you do not want to mix it with the gel. You can do it very easily: when you have finished with the artificial nails, you can apply a little bit of gel with a brush to some places where you want to apply the glitter afterwards. Then you have two alternatives: either dip the nails in the glitter dust and then tap again or dab with a clean brush on the gelled spot. We recommend you to apply the glitter quite thinly. To allow the nails to harden, you should finally put the nails under the lamp. Gel nails glitter looks very fancy, especially on long nails. But if yours are short, you can enchant them with artificial nails. For them, the situation is almost similar to the glitter. With the help of a mask on the hardened fingernails, you can paint beautiful decorations. It is recommended to always seal the paint with special UV Sealer or Top Coat for a longer life. Partial modeling is also very popular with women, especially French manicure. There are no limits to your imagination: Instead of the classic version, you can use colorful glitter and replace the white line. With this technique, an ombre effect is very easy to create. Whether in everyday life or for special occasions, gel nails Glitter is a magical decision and this nails design often plays the role of a magnificent jewelry. In our gallery you will also find many ideas for your manicure with glitter and gel nails.

Motifs and decorations

Glitzer Gelnägel mit einem interessanten Design

There are so many variants for different designs and patterns that can be designed with glitter on gel nails. For example, you can get a marble effect with water and nail polish. The transparent base is again mandatory, then you should apply the selected glitter as a second coat and harden this coat. In water, nail polish is dripped to create circles. Then stick your fingers with tape and dip into the water. Transfer the pattern to the nail. For fixation, we recommend applying a final coat of clear gel. And Voila! You already have perfect manicure with beautiful decorations.

Gelnägel Glitzer in beige und golden
Gelnägel Glitzer in blau
Gelnägel Glitzer in unterschiedlichen Varianten
Gelnägel weiß Glitzer für die attraktiven Damen

Gelnägel Glitzer: Tolle Varianten in schwarz
Gelnägel Glitzer in einer Kombination von silber und schwarz
Gelnägel Lila Glitzer perfekt für eine Party
 Glitzer Gelnägel für lange Nägel
 Glitzer Gelnägel: zarte Varianten
 Glitzer Gelnägel: interessante Techniken
 Glitzer Gelnägel mit hübschen goldenen Motiven
Gelnägel mit Glitzer ist immer eine tolle Idee
Glitzer Gelnägel für kurze Nägel
Eine Kombination von French Maniküre und Glitzer Gelnägel
Glitzer Gelnägel in unterschiedlichen Farben
Glitzer Gelnägel für ein attraktives Look


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