If you have a small garden, you already know from experience that its design is a real challenge. You only have a small amount of space, which you should use as smart as possible, so that the garden looks nice and satisfies your needs. In this article, creative gardening ideas and some practical advice can help you planting your little garden. Enjoy reading!

The challenge of designing a small garden

In the small garden there is little space for everything, so careful planning is simply indispensable. The garden design ideas in this post will give you information, which are the basic elements that should not be missing in any garden, as well as which plant species you can choose to save as much space as possible. Take a close look at the photos too – they could give you creative ideas that you will later put into practice. A good option is to draw a scheme of your garden in advance – this will give you much more detail. Professional advice is also recommended in this case – especially if you feel insecure. Of course, it is not impossible to do it all by yourself – just let your imagination run wild and good luck!

Garden Design Ideas: Make sure you have optimal privacy!

In the first place, the privacy of every garden is of great importance. Even if you have a tall fence, the vibrant plants are preferable – they can give you the feeling that you are not in your own yard, but in a green oasis. The possibilities are many – a hedge around the garden, a pergola, planted with climbing plants. The pergola is just the place to spend the beautiful summer evenings or to invite guests – build them as far away as possible from the house and make sure it is surrounded by trees or large shrubs. For this purpose, plant species such as ivy, vines, clematis and even bamboo are simply ideal.

Landscaping ideas: Plan sidewalks properly

It is also very important to plan enough garden paths. In the small garden, the place is sometimes not enough even for the plants, but the paths are necessary to have easy access to everything in the yard. Remember which are the most important points in your garden and plan the paths depending on them – from the entrance to the raised beds, the barbecue area, the pergola, etc. In the larger gardens, the walkways are often made of concrete for allotment gardens but this variant is rather inappropriate. That’s why you decide best for paving stones or gravel – this variant is not so stable in comparison to concrete, but looks much more natural.

Gardening ideas: lighting and water supply

The water supply and the lighting also play a major role in the garden. If you want to grow fruits and vegetables in your garden, these should also be watered regularly. For many people, the garden ponds and fountains are very attractive, but this is not always a good solution for the allotment, as such objects take up a lot of space and require regular maintenance. And when it comes to lighting – a good idea is the eco-friendly garden lamps that store the sun’s energy during the day and shine at night. You can position these along the garden paths, for example.

Landscaping Ideas: Select plant species

For the successful design of a small garden, the choice of plants is perhaps the most important factor. Choose robust and easy-to-maintain plant species that do not grow too large or tall – for example green salad, cabbage, fresh herbs. You can also grow trellises on facades and walls – this version not only looks very attractive, but also saves a lot of space! The plants should be reasonably combined with each other – for example, if you have tall trees in your allotment garden, opt for shade-loving plant species that can thrive underneath. The evergreen and hardy plants are also a good choice, so that the garden looks beautiful even during the cold season.

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