If you have decided to refresh and decorate your garden at the same time, turn your attention to the garden tablecloths. These bring many advantages, namely optical enrichment of the table or protection against dirt and liquids, so that your

Whether your garden is big or small, does not really matter. You can always decorate with garden tablecloths because they fit any type of garden.

What are garden tablecloths actually?

Just give free rein to your creativity and, according to your own taste, place tablecloth in any color on your table – so you have a new accessory for the garden, namely garden tablecloth. It does not matter if the tablecloth is made of textile, paper, oilcloth or plastic. But if you are looking for a cheap tablecloth for the garden, then it is recommended to buy oilcloth, plastic or paper, as a garden tablecloth made of a textile material. If you’re looking for a quality, festive and practical garden tablecloth that suits your garden and style, you can choose from a wide variety of tablecloths to choose from, and learn about the quality, sewing style and durability to give you enjoyment and fun bring in the garden for a long time!

Are garden tablecloths also suitable for indoors?

Most tablecloths for the garden and outdoor garden table, especially those made of textile, have been technically made for outside so that the garden tablecloths do not retain the mold. Therefore, you can of course also use the tablecloth for the table in the apartment and additionally refresh with table decoration.

Garden tablecloths angular

Garden tablecloths round

A round garden tablecloth is perfect for small and particularly large round garden tables or bar tables. In the middle of the table you can for example combine with candles or flower vase.

Garden tablecloth oval

Many garden tables are in oval shape, which means that the garden tables are rounded off on the short side. It is recommended that you do not place an angular ceiling on an oval table, because in most cases the 4 corners of the tablecloth are very bulky and do not match the shape of the table. Therefore, oval tablecloths are very suitable.

Garden table sets

If you do not like large tablecloths, we have found the perfect solution for you – garden table sets. Just like the large tablecloths, the placemats also protect against dirt on the garden table and look beautiful, especially in combination with flowers or decorated or painted table tops!

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