A gate welcomes guests in their garden or at home. You need a gate wherever a fence or

Side courtyard and front entrance gates, sometimes pedestrian gates, allow people to access the backyard or entrance. A pedestrian gate should be at least 36 inches wide. Most pedestrian gates are single gates; but if you prefer the look of a double goal, this is also a possibility. A double pedestrian gate looks good for a front entrance. This type of gate should swing inward and introduce the guests to your yard.

Garden gate wood – Beautiful exterior ideas

Hoover Fence’s Chad Hoover gives a detailed account of the pros and cons of wooden gates and why they are often left to the professionals. “When you look at the wooden gates, the materials used are the most common cause of the defects that occur. Wood is by nature a soft product that expands and contracts and only softens over time. Therefore, wooden fasteners on hinges and hinges often lose their adhesiveness. The wood is a difficult material to work on. To make a high quality wood structure, you have to have skills that not everyone possesses. For homeowners, it would be best if you order a steel frame complete with the door and install it yourself. This will save you the frustration of trying to build your own door and the whole thing will fail. A wooden structure is correctly built if its wooden elements match the other parts (screws, nuts, etc.). Proper construction is time consuming and, as a rule, requires more specialized tools than the one everyone has in their garage.

Garden gate wood in a rustic design

The gates are the first thing people see and get an impression of the whole house. To get the best results, keep these rules in mind: first, the height of the gate must match the height of the fence or the wall. If your door is too high or too low, it will be incompatible. Second, always use high quality metal goods. Durable and beautiful door hinges and latches will increase the attractiveness and longevity of a door. Third, you should apply a paint or paint on the gate. Paint your gate in a warm inviting color that will attract attention. That’s how people feel welcome to you. And finally, for safety reasons, the gate should never be at the beginning of a staircase. A gate should always be at the bottom of the stairs, with enough room to open, far from the steps.

Garden gate with birdhouse

A wooden gate provides a relaxing and inviting entrance to every garden. Wooden gates can have a solid construction if you want to enjoy your privacy. The other option would be to prefer an open style. The top of a wooden gate can be curved, bent or even grid-like. A thin layer of paint or a few stains can turn a wooden gate into an artistic door and, therefore, completely change the look of your home. Similar to a door, a wooden door gives you the opportunity to build a window, a handle and even a latch.
If you choose a wooden gate, you should choose a type of wood that is suitable for outdoor use. Certain types of wood are more susceptible to weather and insect damage than others. Popular woods for the exterior gates are Western Red Cedar, pressure treated wood and redwood. Even if you choose the right type of wood, a wooden fence will probably still require painting, sanding or staining at least every other year.

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