The trend of pallet furniture continues to be firm. There are always people who want to rediscover the topic of DIY for themselves and would like to try it out. In the warm season, many enjoy finally back in the garden to be active. Garden furniture made of pallets are a great way to beautify the garden with self-made furniture made of europallets. Fresh air, a lot of sunshine, a cold drink and the addition of a very individual piece of furniture made of pallets to build a lot of fun and it is a great balance to the normal everyday life.

Do you fancy a few palette furniture ideas and would like to look at some inspirations? We found a site that deals exclusively with the subject of pallet furniture itself. Here you can look at everything: garden furniture made of pallets

Garden furniture made of europallets – Which furniture can I build?

Basically you can build everything from Euro pallets. There are no building instructions that you have to adhere to 100%. Your own creativity counts and you have to like it yourself. The biggest advantage of the pallet furniture is that you can customize everything individually and precisely. For example, if you have only a small niche in the garden, then you simply cut the pallets into the right size, no problem at all.

The classic among the garden furniture made of pallets, for example, a lounge, sofa or couch, which can be placed either directly in the garden on the lawn or just on the terrace. Of course you can also choose the size yourself here. Tables, benches, armchairs or other lounge furniture made of pallets are also gladly built for the garden. But even small shelves, herbs, – or flowerbeds can also build the Euro pallets and use or decorate in the garden.

Build a raised bed of europallets yourself

A raised bed made of Euro pallets is not only intended for the pure gardener, but also for anyone else who wants to beautify his garden. Because a raised bed of pallets can be beautifully planted and it does not look as boring as many other beds. Even children enjoy such individual beds, learn and have fun.

In the video you can see how easy it is to build a raised bed of europallets themselves.

As you can see, it does not just have to be the classics, many other pallet furniture can also be beautifully and even presented and used in the garden. . If you would like to know more about this raised bed and maybe you would like to recreate it, then look at this post on the raised bed of pallets .

There you will find a step-by-step construction manual and what you have to consider during construction. Again, you can of course customize it to your liking and see it only as inspiration. You can build the raised bed lower or much larger, depending on what you like and how much space you have at home.

Balcony furniture made of europallets – What do I do if I have no garden?

Of course, not everyone has a garden on their doorstep or simply has no space to house large garden furniture from pallets at home. Especially for people from the big city, it is often not so easy and the space is often simply missing. But there are still many residential areas with empty balconies. You can see very often that the balconies are little not used at all and only gray in gray to match the color of the house wall or a clothes horse decorates the balcony.

In the video you see a great way, how you can bring your balcony back to life, and quite simply with self-made balcony furniture made of Euro pallets.

As you can see, you can easily build the balcony furniture made of europallets yourself and adjust the europallets completely to the dimensions of your balcony. Even on small terraces or in very small front gardens, these seating options from Euro pallets are very good. On a sunny, warm evening with a glass of wine or a cold beer you can spend some nice evenings with friends on the balcony.

There are many more pallet furniture ideas for DIY. If you want to know more about the whole subject pallet furniture, then just have a look over here

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