A garden fireplace is a real eye-catcher in the outer area, and allows you to spend pleasant evenings outdoors in spring and summer, as well as in the cold autumn months. The construction of a fireplace is not as complicated as it looks at first glance, so in this article we offer you a simple guide to help you build your own classic brick fireplace for the garden. Below we also give you a few tips that would help the inexperienced home improvement. Have fun and success in building!

Garden fireplace build yourself – necessary materials

As stated above, a garden fireplace is not all that difficult to build, and usually consists of masonry in a closed or U-shape, grill and roof. For the idea that we offer you in this post, you need the following materials:
• brick parts
• ready-mixed mortar
• Concrete
• reinforcing grid
• a large metal or metal drum
• a round grill with the diameter of the metal drum
• a wooden plate
• 3 thin iron bars
• Square timber for the scaffolding

Instructions for building a garden fireplace – pour the concrete slab

First, the concrete slab will be built to cover the masonry and serve as a storage area for the metal drum / drum. For this purpose, a formwork is built out of the wooden panel, which should be about 5 cm larger than the planned masonry on all sides. Remove the bottom and lid of the metal drum and cut them several times perpendicular to the bottom edge. The resulting tabs now turn outward – so you get the foot of the barrel. Then place the bin in the middle of the wooden plate – it must be as close as possible to the wooden surface, so that no concrete can penetrate into the opening. Then spread a few square stones (2 cm thick) at equal intervals on the plate – they ensure that the reinforcing mesh is incorporated into the concrete as an intermediate layer. Next, you should cut a round hole with the diameter of the metal barrel into the grid. Put the reinforcing grid over the barrel and build around this construction as a formwork a framework of 5 cm long square wood. Stir the concrete and pour it into the finished formwork. Now you have to wait until the concrete has completely hardened (usually 1-2 days).

Build the masonry

In the meantime, you should build the masonry. The bricks are arranged offset and fastened using ready-mixed mortar. As the masonry remains visible you should build it carefully – the joints should be as even as possible and not more than 1 cm wide. Whether you choose a closed or U-shape is a matter of taste. You should again wait 1-2 days until the mortar dries out. If you build a U-shaped fireplace, the fireplace will be open. In this case you should choose the location carefully – the chimney should be away from trees and shrubs, as well as from other buildings. If the beautiful look is also important to you, you could use cobblestone, clinker or quarry stone instead of bricks.

Assemble the garden fireplace

If the concrete slab has already hardened, you should cut it out and place it on the masonry. So that you can use your new fireplace also for grilling, it should also be equipped with a grill. To do this, cut one more opening on the front of the metal drum using an angle grinder. Grind the sharp metal edges carefully to avoid unpleasant grilling injuries. In order to fasten the grill grate stably, you should make a holder from the iron bars. To do this, drill three holes at the same height on both sides of the metal drum. The iron bars are then pushed through these holes. Their ends should be bent down so they can not slip out. Finally, put the grill on the attitude, and your home-made garden fireplace is already finished!

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