What makes a modern garden? Is it the clean lines, the stylish geomatric shapes or the simple design? This article will reveal the secret of modern garden design! If you are one of the garden lovers who want your outdoor area to look perfect, this is the place for you! Below you will find out what the latest trends in contemporary garden design are, and you will also find a few glorious examples from which you can draw inspiration. We hope that our tips will help you and hope you enjoy reading!

Garden design modern: Trend 1 – geometric shapes and clear lines

The first important trend that characterizes modern garden design is the clear order that prevails there. Geometric shapes and straight lines are the most important elements that separate the individual garden areas. The clear separation of the individual zones in the garden is achieved by tiles, stepping stones, gravel, planters or various plant species, such as

The next important trend you might like is the cultivation of edible plants. Here, fruits and vegetables are not grown in a separate area, but among the other ornamental plants! So you get an interesting decorative effect – green salads, chili peppers, strawberries, cabbage or cherry tomatoes create a wonderful change in the garden landscape. The vegetables and fruits would not only decorate the flowerbeds, but they can also be used for food – while you can be sure that they contain no hidden contaminants.

Garden design modern: Trend 3 – water features

The next trend in garden design, which is becoming more and more modern today, are the water features. Wells,

What’s more, the outdoor kitchens and cozy sitting areas are outdoors. To realize this idea is definitely worth it – just imagine the sociable barbecues in the garden that you can spend with your family and friends! So you can set up a second outdoor living room that is just as inviting and welcoming as the interiors. The colorful garden furniture would also set a great accent in their outdoor area. In addition to a barbecue, the outdoor kitchen can also be equipped with a pizza opener or with a small garden bar. The kitchen can be held on the terrace as well as under a small gazebo.

Trend 5: terraced garden design

Gardening in more levels is also one of the new trends – but this idea is only applicable to large gardens. The individual levels are planted, but they are also suitable for the design of small terraces and sitting areas. But if you do not have any slopes in your area, you can create the trendy terraced look with a few embankments.

Trend 6: attract useful insects and birds in the garden

Another great and modern idea is to attract butterflies, bees and birds with certain plant species in the garden – these include the violets, yarrows, ysup, as well as wild basil. For the birds you can build birdhouses yourself, or

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