Carnival is coming soon and you certainly want to impress everyone with an original costume. What’s better than dressing up, is not it? In this post, we’ll give you some great ideas for fun carnival costumes that are suitable for couples, or for the whole family and circle of friends. So you can draw with the great, funny group look on the carnival all eyes. Our suggestions are easy to imitate – if you want to make the funny disguise yourself. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and hope you enjoy reading!

Funny costumes for carnival – ideas for a great group look

lustige Kostüme Ideen für Paare
lustige Kostüme Star Wars
lustige Kostüme Superhelden
lustige Kostüme Minions
lustige Kostüme Simpson Familie
lustige Kostüme Familie Minions
lustige Kostüme Trolls
lustige Kostüme Zeichentrickfilm
lustige Kostüme Schlümpfe
lustige Kostüme Zauberer Harry Potter
lustige Kostüme Ghostbusters
lustige Kostüme Emojis
lustige Kostüme Pac Man und Geister
There are tons of original and funny carnival costumes that you can choose, and here we have collected 40 creative ideas for you to inspire. Below are some helpful hints that may make it easier to choose a fun disguise. Great ideas for funny carnival costumes can literally come from all sorts of sources – from your favorite movie, book, or computer game, and even from your favorite foods or the so-targeted networks. You should only let your imagination run wild, and the result will undoubtedly be unique! Let’s start with the great group costumes, inspired by books and movies that are not only popular and easily recognizable, but look really cool. Firstly, discuss with the partner, your family or friends who will join in the costume, which films, TV shows, fairy tales, novels, etc. they like very much. Of course, the number of people also plays an important role – as a couple you could disguise with the partner, for example, not like The Three Muskettiere. A great idea, suitable for both couples and larger groups, is the Funny costumes for the carnival for the whole family or for the circle of friends
lustige Kostüme Fasching Alice im Wunderland
lustige Kostüme zum Karneval Alice im Wunderland
lustige Kostüme Disney Prinzessinnen
lustige Kostüme Comichelden
lustige Kostüme Glücksbärchen
lustige Kostüme Familie Superhelden
lustige Kostüme Alvin and the Chipmunks
lustige Kostüme Früchte
lustige Kostüme Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge
lustige Kostüme Schneewittchen
lustige Kostüme Teufel Hund und Mensch
lustige Kostüme Fasching Ideen und Inspirationen
Just beautiful for this year’s carnival are also Alice in Wonderland costumes. The Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and of course Alice herself are really funny-looking, remarkable heroes that you can choose as a model for your carnival costume. The Alice in Wonderland costumes are also easy to make yourself – how it works, find out Funny costumes for the carnival – special ideas for couples
lustige Kostüme Peter Pan und Tinker Bell
lustige Kostüme Anita und Roger 101 Dalmatiner
lustige Kostüme Steckdose und Stecker
lustige Kostüme Paar Minions
lustige Kostüme Milch und Cookie
lustige Kostüme Minnie und Mickey Maus
lustige Kostüme Harley Quinn und Joker
lustige Kostüme Zayuberer und Kanninchen
lustige Kostüme Shreck
lustige Kostüme Sandwich
lustige Kostüme Pizza Stücke
lustige Kostüme Facebook und Twitter
lustige Kostüme Eier und durchwachsener Speck
And last but not least, the food motif is just perfect for the funny carnival costumes. What do we mean by that? You and the partner / partner can dress up as foods that “fit together” – such as milk and biscuits, fried eggs and streaky bacon (see the photos above for examples). Pizza, sushi, sandwich, banana or pineapple costumes will also look pretty funny! An alternative to this are all the emblematic couples from movies, books, etc., who like two. We hope that you have found something for yourself among our suggestions, and wish you a happy Carnival!

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