Are you looking for ways to escape the stress of the desert metropolis? The best option is to travel to the Caribbean and satisfy your longing for warm crystal clear sea water, tropical sun, limestone white sand and breathtaking views. The statistics show that such recreation in an exotic location costs around € 1,500 per person and only 12.8% of Germans fly to the Caribbean every year. Now your dream of Caribbean vacation can come true very quickly. From the city to deep into a beautiful forest oasis – transfer to a dream place on the couch in the living room and drinking a margarita. The photo wallpaper is the perfect and cheap alternative to the precious exotic travel and acts as a little break from the stress of the big city.

Wall Mural – Stage a haunted place in your living room

The photo wallpapers are real magic when it comes to recreation, comfort and deceleration of everyday life. You can spice up the ambiance in your living room, turning the room into your own private oasis of well-being. A wallpaper with a breathtaking view of the forest always strives to guarantee you real relaxation. You can sink completely in the lush green of the beautiful natural wallpaper, with no additional costs. If you are in love with the urban look, design a wall with wallpaper that looks like a big city. Nowadays, there is an unlimited selection of beautiful photo wallpaper designs in stores and also on the internet. But the look alone does not contribute to a high feel-good factor, but plays the material an important role. The vinyl photo wallpapers are an amazingly easy to implement alternative to wall coverings and wall paints for interior design. The material is characterized by a matte appearance and a variety of insulating properties. The wall design with vinyl photo wallpaper brings many advantages:

  • The room looks nice and cozy.
  • The room is heated.
  • The walls can breathe.

Are you ready to say “Yes” to the photo wallpaper and invite them to your home? Add stunning touches to your home with Pixer’s photo wallpaper – the fairy godmother who gives you the power to transform your walls into a fairytale world.

The urban style vinyl photo wallpaper is the face of the new home trend

The photo wallpapers, which are characterized by the urban look, are preferred because of their timeless appearance, ease of use and reasonable price. They give your home a modern touch and represent the new trend of living. It is aimed at all who delight in every sight of the metropolis. A wallpaper from New York creates modern spatial effect and gives a big city flair.

The photo wallpaper is an all-rounder!

The wallpaper is not just a kind of wall covering, but also an absolutely stunning ornament on the wall. So that a cozy atmosphere spreads in your bedroom, a forest photo wallpaper is sufficient. Gentle nuances and green colors make the room a feel-good temple. This wall design in combination with copper deco, wood flooring and ash nuances of pink and gray creates a soothing ambiance that will make you dream sweet.

It looks so realistic that you can feel the water at your fingertips!

Sticking the walls with photo wallpaper is not expensive or difficult at all. But every effort you have made is worthwhile, because

“Beautiful moments are the happiness of life!”

Now pour yourself a glass of wine, put your legs up and choose the best photo wallpaper to spice up your home.

Wall Mural: The world tour could never be just a dream anymore.

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