From 50? The basic rule is: Now you have to do more than you used to and not less. That goes for your look too. Let’s be honest – we are all smart enough to know that make-up alone will not make us look 20 years younger. Despite what make-up advertisements claim, one simple fact of science is important: our skin is aging. And while we are well versed in the art of anti-aging skincare techniques and products, we are less sure how our make-up can help us look younger. When it comes to make-up over 50, some of the rules of your 20s and 30s are no longer valid. Make up it should improve your best properties. Whether you want to minimize fine lines, make your eyes appear under the eyelids, or make your skin look healthy and radiant, some beauty tips will help make your eyes and skin look younger. With a few simple make-up techniques, you can change your make-up routine for a fresher, more revitalized look. And while we can not turn the clock back (or your date of birth) for you, we’ll give you some magical tips for make-up for mature skin and helpful make-up techniques for slip-ons.

Eye Make up Tips for women over 50

Eyes become the most attractive part of the face if you look after them well. Every eye shape is gorgeous – from almond eyes to round eyes to droopy eyelids. No matter what shape of eyes you have, if you beautify them well with some make-up then it’s quite remarkable. From the age of 50 or even from the age of 40, topics such as slip-flops become a problem for the woman. The eyelids have always been an accent of the face, which was gladly made up and embellished. In eyelids the eyelid is a problem area and it is not that easy to use its full potential, especially for women over 50. With the right make-up techniques you can look very beautiful and feminine, even in mature age and have an effect, the young women can not radiate yet. We will betray the secrets for slip loo make-up from 50!

Schlupflider make-up from 50

Do your eyeshadows look like they would disappear if you open your eyes? If that’s the case, you need these make-up techniques to enchant your eyes.

  1. Emphasize your eyebrows

Eyebrow make-up can be a real challenge, but with a few exercises, you become a professional. And the end effect deserves it – when you draw attention to your eyebrows, your moment is completely changed. We recommend using powdered eyeshadows and no liner pen and a color that suits your natural eyebrows. Use as little shade as possible and make-up eyebrows with an angled brush. To make your brows look as natural as possible, apply the shadow with short strokes. You can also make up the bottom of your eyebrows with a line of white eyeshadow to properly accentuate your eyebrows.

2. Apply concealer

Choose a liquid concealer that will keep the eye make-up better and last all day. Take something on a make-up sponge, dab lightly on the skin around the eyes and mix well. For better coverage, apply from the lash line to below the brow.

3. Apply eyeliner properly

One of the biggest mistakes women make with looseners is putting eyeliners on the lower lash line. If you do, your eyes will look even smaller. Applying a black eyeliner to the upper lash line will make your eyes look wider. Apply Gel Eyeliner with a liner brush as it is much more precise.

You can also try to bring the line as close as possible to your upper eyelash edge and bring it closer to the point where you can not see any gap between your eyeshadow and your eyelashes. To do this, you can start with a very thin skin near your trough and make the line wider and more pronounced the closer you get to the edge of your eye and the brown and blue shadows.

Schlupflider make-up from 50 – that’s what the stars look like!

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