How were the industrial lamps invented? Before the fluorescent light was introduced in bulk, many factories, warehouses and workshops were illuminated by heavy hanging lamps suspended from chains or thick steel wires.

Nostalgic industrial lamps

In the 1980s, a large part of these industrial buildings were converted into studios and residential accommodation. Characteristic of these buildings are the rooms with high windows, beams made of wood or steel, with concrete or wooden floors. The original industrial lights were often used to keep the atmosphere intact.

The strongly curved metal screen spreads a particularly pleasant and glare-free light

This “loft style” has been so successful that in recent years many new houses have been built and renovation projects have been designed. Inspired by this industry look Tierlan Tijn has developed a completely new lighting line.

Available in different sizes and designs

In 1994, Tierlan Tijn started working on a small scale in a small shed in the small village of Rijsbergen in the south of the Netherlands. By experimenting with molds for plaster and concrete ornaments, and with the help of her family and her friends, Paula Gelissen and her sons Michel and Martijn, discovered a market for their handmade products.

Outdoor industrial lamp

Gradually, the two brothers began to focus more and more on the development and manufacture of this distinctive lighting.
Characteristic for the Tierlan Tijn style is the handcraft with authentic rough and robust materials.

beautiful industrial lamps

New collections arose with the use of coarse natural materials; an extensive range of interior lighting and a wide selection of outdoor lamps.

cool industrial lamp

The FREZOLI line is presented by a modern, stocky and unpolished collection with an industrial taste of yesteryear.
Frezoli offers both outdoor lamps, as well as hanging lamps and sconces.

New in their range is the Lott lamp made of 100% cast aluminum and recently also available in a retro look. These are LED lamps with filaments, which are also dimmable.

Industrial rugged lights are well received by both modern homes and country house interiors. Also for entertainment and business, these lamps are ideal.

This industrial luminaire is available in gray

This lamp could be used without problems in a company

Industrial hanging lamp with a gleaming, adjustable shade

Style brass industrial lamp

traditional industrial lamp

The lamp can be adjusted in height and is always suitable

Industrial lamps with ceramic socket

Workshop light

This industrial lamp provides a particularly pleasant and glare-free light – ideal

Special model Bauhaus lamp

This classic model of a scissor lamp is handmade in Germany

Industrial luminaire with enameled sheet metal

Tubular steel suspension

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