For every modern woman, the beautiful, neat fingernails are important, so in this post we offer you 21 wonderful gel nails Spitz ideas for French manicure. The suggestions that you like best could either be shown to your manicurist, or try to imitate them yourself. Take a look at the photos below and be inspired!

French gel nails Spitz – great design ideas that are an absolute hit today

Gel nails are a total hit today, not only because they look particularly pretty, but also because they are very long-lasting. Of course, the designs made with gel also include French nails, which are popular with many women and give the manicure a fresh, natural look. Here, the focus is on the nail tips – in addition to the classic version in white, today there are a number of other options that look elegant and ultramodern. In this post, we’ll introduce just a few hip French gel nails Spitz ideas. We hope you enjoy them, and you’ll be inspired by your own manicure!

Gel nails Spitz – ideas for French manicure

As mentioned above, the French nails with gel look especially nice, but if you make your nail tips attractive and impressive, your hands will be a real eye-catcher! Today, the French manicure with colorful lace is very trendy – especially popular is the marble effect, in which the nails, or in this case, only their tips are painted in flowing colors. The dot pattern on the nail tips, which you can even make yourself with the help of a toothpick, also looks very elegant. You can also decorate your French manicure with rhinestones or beads that are glued to the nail surface. Much easier it is, however, to decorate your nail tips with stickers, which are then fixed with topcoat – the effect is just as nice. In addition, you or your manicurist could also use a nail polish with glitter that gives the nails an attractive and stylish look. The possibilities are actually enormous, so we hope that this article inspired you to experiment and find the best design for your nails!

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