A classic among braided hairstyles, and at the same time with a romantic effect. Yes, exactly, we mean the classic braid. This women’s hairstyle appears in a variety of variants. Whether for everyday use, for the office, or for the evening wear – for every occasion there is the right Zopffrisur. A bun is very suitable for the daily sport outfit. If the traditional ponytail is too boring for you then opt for beautiful and elegant braiding hairstyles! They give you a charming and stylish look on every festive occasion. To plait a braid sideways or to wear the hair asymmetrically are among the most recent braid tendencies. We suggest another great idea. French plait! A good alternative for you, ladies. If you want to braid the braid yourself, then take a look at our easy step by step guide for lovers!

French braid – a classic that’s trendy!

French plaits are available in every length and all variations. Before you decide on this pigtail hairstyle, you should pay attention to something worth knowing. It fits best to long or at least shoulder-length hair, otherwise it does not work so well with the lichen. If your hair is medium long then the braid is the perfect hairstyle for you. Classic or modern? what do you prefer? No matter, since both look really nice. Do not you mean it. In the next lines we show you how to braid two French braids. On the one hand practical, on the other splendidly playful – that is the French braid.

French braid for a fabulous look!

You do not need to go to the barber as braids are easy to braid. When braiding you need the following: dry shampoo or volume powder, hair ties, comb and hairbrush, hairclip. As you come to the stylish hairstyle, we show you in the following DIY guide.

For more grip and durability, hair with hair foam edit!

Make a center part from neck to neck!

Take a hair part with the clip or the hair tie away!

Divide the game into three equal strands! First, the right strand over the middle lichen, so that it is now in the middle. Then braid the left strand over the middle, so that it is now in the middle.

Gradually add more strands from the sides! In doing so, think of a line on the head where the braid should run along!

Braid finished to the end and fix with a hair tie!

The other side as well as the previous braid and repeat the steps!

The French braid: that’s how it works!

Step 1!

Step 2!

Step 3!

Step 4!

Step 5!

Step 6!

Step 7!

Step 8!

Step 9!

Step 10!

Step 11!

The French braid with a difference we show you in the following gallery! Take a look at more ideas! Let yourself be inspired!

Braids always look a bit special!

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