The perfect Christmas present is a scent? Is that a maxima or is it totally true? Before Christmas, the whole world is in a gift fever. For this reason, our team did a research and asked about 100 Germans in the social network, which is the best gift for Christmas. Here’s the big message: The most preferred gift is a perfume. Each one of you knows how difficult it is a fragrance that will please and will suit the recipient. Most people choose the Christmas gift as they think about their personal preference. But what happens if you do not know the answer to this question: “Which perfume suits me?” We have prepared a test for you so that you can find the right perfume for yourself and then find out which fragrance suits which personality. The test is waiting for you, try yourself!

Test yourself: Test: “Which perfume suits me?”

  1. Choose a flower:

a) Rose

b) lavender

c) Gerbera

2. Where do you want to go now?

a) Disneyland

b) Congo

c) Bavaria

3. What bag do you like?

a) big bag

b) Cluch

c) backpack

So choose the right perfume for the personality of the woman!

Did you know that the perfume reveals much about the character of a woman? Or that there are real scents for each type? Who wants to conjure a bright smile on the face of a woman, is just right. We show you which perfumes suit which women and you will choose 100% the right fragrance for YOU!

Did you answer the first question of the test with “a”? : The right fragrance for the romantic

Your wife is crazy about love stories, planning romantic dinners and picnics and wearing subtle make-up and dresses in soft colors? Then we can call you a romantic! A secret we have already revealed – the romantic women love flowery scents! Pink and jasmine are a perfect combination when it comes to floral perfumes. Combine the floral scents with fruity nuances and you will not make a mistake. A hint of oranges and strawberries speaks for a feminine aroma. How do you know the romantic best? This is this woman who prefers sweet aromatics as a

Self-esteem, sexy, high heels – here smells of femininity, of a woman who always deserves. She also deserves a perfume with oriental fragrance. This flavor is not always strict, it can also be warmer with a romantic touch. The courageous lady likes oriental scents that show self-confidence, as well as romantic floral scents.

Did you answer the third question with “b”: The Elegant and The Intellectuals

“Fashion changes, style remains” This is exactly how the elegant woman, wearing a classic costume and of great importance for the quality, thinks. And here we do not just talk about the quality of clothes, cosmetics or food – this is about a quality of life. This woman also deserves a perfume of great quality! The intellectual prefers classics – an elegant and conservative suit instead of a casual dress, classic subtle make-up with nude tones and of course a classic female fragrance. The perfume that suits this personality and this outfit is of course the classic – again very elegant and not very conservative! An example of such scents are those with musk or fresh moss notes. Moss can be perfectly combined with lily or other flowers.

Vera Wang says a perfume is always a statement of what you are. We hope that with our tips we have helped you to find the right scent for the right person! Do not forget that there is no perfume that smells as good as the scent of your sweetheart! Test yourself!

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