Fluorescent color is not only suitable for discos, playrooms and bars, but also can be used well for the interior design of your own home.

Fluorescent color creates spectacular lighting effects

What is fluorescent color? There are colors that the human eye normally can not perceive because they are outside the limited spectrum of light we can see. Fluorescent colors belong to this group. In darkness or by UV radiation, however, such colors begin to shine and in this way they become visible.

Original decoration for wall and ceiling

Fluorescent color can create stunning lighting effects and give any room a special mystical atmosphere. For such original wall decoration you only need luminescent colors, lamps that give off ultraviolet radiation, and your own imagination. If you can paint well, try to decorate the walls yourself with fluorescent paint. They just have to be careful that luminescent stains are usually poisonous when they come in contact with the skin.

At the same time fascinating and impressive

There are two types of self-luminous colors. Some are also visible in sunlight, starting to shine under the light of a UV lamp. The others are barely visible without UV radiation, but with the help of the special lamp they create unique lighting effects. Either garish, or rather transparent – in all cases, fluorescent colors are fascinating and impressive.

Fluorescent colors are ideal for the bedroom

The spectacular lighting effects that fluorescent colors can create are ideal for the bedroom. A ceiling picture, for example, starry sky, creates a special atmosphere in the bedroom, which you can enjoy each night before falling asleep.

Nursery design with self-luminous colors

Fluorescent colors are great option, even when it comes to nursery design. The breathtaking lighting effects can not only create a magical atmosphere, but also promote the imagination and creativity of the little ones.

Fluorescent color in the modern apartment

Fluorescent paint does not fit in every room. In the kitchen or in the living room, for example, one should rather forego such decoration.

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