When the first rays of sunlight penetrate through the tops of the trees, everything becomes flowery! Also in the hair! A floral wreath for the hair is super summery and gives any outfit a playful romantic look. Immerse yourself in our flowery world and let the colorful flowers rub off to your mood! We’ll show you how to make a flower wreath by yourself using gerbera, rose, garden flowers and artificial flowers. Here you will find detailed instructions and stunning DIY ideas and looks! Let yourself be inspired!

Flower wreath for hair: Where can we wear the beautiful hair accessory?

The flower wreaths are truly a beautiful female accessory, but of course we can not go to work that way. But that’s the perfect hair accessory for any summer party, why not on the beach? A floral wreath is the final touch in your outfit, suitable for both special festive occasions and everyday outfits in summer and spring. This is also a wonderful accessory for brides, bridesmaids or wedding guests. Everyone knows how expensive a wedding is, you no longer have to search for an expensive tiara or jewelry. Just make yourself a flower wreath!

Flower wreath itself make from which flowers – gerbera, rose, garden flowers or artificial flowers?

If you want to make a flower wreath yourself, you only need one thing – flowers! Here comes the question, which flowers are suitable. We have good news for you – everyone! Whether you choose gerbera, rose or garden flowers, you should first make an important decision – flower wreath of real flowers or artificial flowers. To make that decision, keep in mind how long you wear the flower wreath and how much is the durability of the selected flowers. Fresh flowers, of course, look the most beautiful, but consider whether you can wear them only during the ceremony and then replace them with a floral wreath of artificial flowers. Something else you should keep in mind – the size and weight of the flowers. A flower wreath   For the hair should be hard in no case! Also, the proportions of the flowers used should harmonize with each other visually. But we will help! Take a look at our DIY guide to make a beautiful flower wreath yourself!

Flower wreath itself make artificial flowers

DIY Instructions for Gerbera Floral Wreath

Step 1: Tie wire ring

Step 2: For more convenience use fabric to tie wire wreath

Step 3:

Flower wreath itself make from garden flowers

The required materials:

Flower wreath – instructions

Make small loops at both ends of the flower wreath, through which the flowers will later be passed. In order to keep the framework stable and to keep all flowers well, we recommend that you seal or tie the cut edge of the wire.

Tie small bouquets

Tie the flowers into small bouquets when you shorten the larger flowers to about 4 cm. After that you have to fix the bouquets when you wrap the ends of the bouquets with tape or tape. Approximately, you will need 10 – 15 bouquets for the entire floral wreath, depending on the wire-ring dimensions.

Attach bouquets to the wire ring

Once you have made enough bouquets, you can attach the bouquets with the narrow winding wire to the wire frame. Tie the flowers close together along the wire. With this step our flower wreath is ready!

Haarschmuck Blumen: Make Gerbera hairstyle yourself

Talk about flower hair accessories, do not just imagine a flower wreath. With a hairstyle with flowers, you can quickly conjure a romantic Dutt to keep your hair on hot days from the neck. All you need are the flowers of two gerbera artificial flowers. After that the flowers can easily be glued on. Look here, how it works!

Make flower diadem itself

Make your own fabric flowers or DIY paper flower wreath yourself

Do you still need inspiring ideas? Scroll down to immerse yourself in our flowery world!

Hawaii flower wreath

Braid wreath

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