Are you fed up with cliche gifts? You want to give your favorite people something interesting, creative and at the same time loving? Bouquets, chocolates, jewels, vouchers etc. have long been a cliché. But you still have the opportunity to delight your friends or family members with an original gift. You have no idea, how would that happen? No problem, we have a fancy idea! Have you ever heard of Flower banknotes fold you can put on different occasion blume geldscheine falten interessant
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Being able to fold flower bills is very useful and you can implement the variation not just for your birthday, but on different occasions – for Christmas, name day, wedding gift or even wedding bridal bouquet. Always flower a great idea if you are looking for the shortest route to the female heart. They are the universal sign of love! Many floral gift options are available, just let your imagination run wild! We have summarized some of the most beautiful and also the most creative folding guides for you. They are aimed equally at crafts professionals and at people who have no hands for crafts.

Origami flower – instructions

blume geldscheine falten anleitung
blume geldscheine falten diy
blume geldscheine falten schritt für schritt
blume geldscheine falten anleitung
blume geldscheine falten diy
blume geldscheine falten schritt für schritt
blume geldscheine falten anleitung
blume geldscheine falten diy
blume geldscheine falten zum selber machen
blume geldscheine falten schritt für schritt
Step 1
First place the bill with the paler side horizontally up in front of you.
step 2
Then fold the horizontal center line. Then you have to tighten the fold edge vigorously.
step 3
Then open the bill again. Fold one corner to the center line. As in step 2, paint the folding edge vigorously.
Step 4
You also have to fold the other corners to the center line.
Step 5
Now you should fold the bottom edge to the centerline.
Step 6
The upper edge is the turn. It also has to be folded.
Step 7
Then fold the lower side over the top and pull the fold edge vigorously.
Step 8
Fold two other bills in the same way. Then place them one behind the other so that the silver tip is on the left and right.
Step 9
You have to cut off the wire about 20 cm. You have to nod it in the middle and put it over the folded bills.
Step 10
Note the fact that the wire should be exactly in the middle to make the flower more beautiful. Then twist the wire under the bill.
Step 11
Now open the respective petals. Note that you have to put your thumb between them when opening it and with your middle finger you press it from below.
Step 12
You have to repeat that with all six petals. And already done!

Great ideas for banknotes folding: A stunning gift for wedding

With the help of this video, you can easily make a beautiful heart of money as a fancy gift for the wedding. For this simple guide you need a bigger bill, the bigger, the better the end product looks. All arrangements with folded money presents, such as a bouquet of money roses, or a picture frame with many hearts made of money in combination with a few loving sentences that come straight from your heart, are especially beautiful. Many wonderful ideas to make your money wedding gift a real eye-catcher can be found on this

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