What makes an interior perfect? In this post we show you that it can even be the attractive floor lamp! Here we introduce you to some modern floor lamps that impress with their unusual look, and can create a stylish ambience in any room! Besides being a real eye-catcher, contemporary

Modern style floor lamps can visually enhance any interior – in the bedroom and home office you will enjoy your beauty, and in the living room or in the hallway, their attractive look could also impress your guests. The floor lamps actually do a very important job of lighting larger living areas, and they are indispensable to your cozy reading corner. Today, the floor lamps are much more than practical light bodies: they are ultramodern, flexible, really stylish and allow you to create eye-catching and extravagant accents – take a look at our photos to see for yourself!

Floor lamps modern – ideas for every style of furnishing

On the market you will find a wide range of designer lamps that will suit any interior design style: the models with an oversized lampshade look particularly romantic, and are suitable for a country style or vintage style décor; Arc lights are a perfect match for an eclectic ambience and floodlights – for industrial or Scandinavian-style interiors. Floor lamps with a simple, geometric design can be beautifully integrated into the modern minimalist decor. The metal or wood models with a plastic or glass shade that impress with their futuristic construction are also very trendy – sometimes they look as unusual and original as if they came from another planet! Although the range of models is enormous, neutral colors have recently been preferred by the renowned designers, because they look particularly stylish and fit into any interior. Below we give you some modern ideas that might make it easier for you to choose a floor lamp. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions!

Elegant arc lamp with pendulum made of plastic

These designer lights impress with a really unusual look

Floorlamp, ideal for the modern living room

Modern floor lamps in different sizes

These spiral wooden floor lamps are a real eye-catcher!

Ampelschirme in different colors will visually enhance the interior

Simple model with metal foot and plastic patio umbrella

Arc lights always look super stylish!

Arc lights are the perfect choice for your reading corner or home office

Swivel floor lamp with futuristic design

Elegant floor lamp made of oak – simple design

Interesting floor lamp made of solid wood with ball lights

A floor lamp, perfect for your home office

Original floor lamp with metal foot – height adjustable

Height-adjustable floor lamp – stylish geometric design

Floor lamp with wooden foot and fabric pendulum

Attractive floor lamps made of wood with a futuristic look

Original floor lamps made of wood and glass

The perfect arc lamp for your reading corner – minimalist design

Designer floor lamps also offer better quality of light

Great floor lamp with wooden umbrella for the living room

Arc lamp as an accent in the living room furniture

Floor lamp for the living room in industrial style

Floor lamp with plastic shade and original drapery

Decorative floor lamp made of glass and metal for the bedroom or living room

Reading lamp with metal base – original design

Minimalist tripod floor lamp with ball light

Great floor lamps for your cozy reading corner in the bedroom

Select tripod floor lamps for the living room

Tripod floor lamps with different colors on the lampshades: Choose the variant that you like the most!

This plastic floor lamp impresses with a futuristic look

Large and practical floor lamp for your reading corner

Floor lamp with an oversized pendulum – romantic look

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