The creative and beautiful fingernails design is today an absolute must for every fashion conscious woman. In this article you will find three easy ways to make your nails artful. Let yourself be inspired!

Fingernails design with decorative stripes

The fingernails design with decorative stripes is something new, which you should absolutely try out. The decorative strips are sold in rolls, are about 0.5 or 1 centimeter wide and can then be cut to the desired length. To decorate your nails, you do not even need any additional glue – the decorative strips are self-adhesive and can be easily fixed on the nail surface. They are available in different colors and are characterized by their strong metallic effect. The decorative stripes can also be a nice complement to other nail designs – for example French or gel nails.

Ombre nails

Another fingernail design that is in vogue today are ombre nails. Ombre is the effect of two colors flowing into each other. It takes a bit more patience to make your fingernails this way. You also need two colors nail salmon and a sponge. First, paint the whole nail with the first color and wait until the paint dries out well. Then apply the second paint to the lower half of the nail and spread the paint slightly with the sponge to create the Ombre effect. Finally, you can apply two coats of topcoat to keep the design longer.

Fingernails design with marble effect

A simple variant that does not take much time is the fingernail design with marble effect. For this you need two colors nail polish, toothpick, and a glass of water. Alternate between the two colors into the water, so that you get an ever-narrowing circles. Use the toothpick to make the circles taper. Then dip your nails in it and finally remove the excess nail polish with nail polish remover. Finished!

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