Your garden looks beautiful and well-groomed, but every time you enjoy its gorgeous look, do you notice the ugly garbage cans that disturb the overall harmonious look? In this post we offer you a solution – build garbage bin yourself! Garbage can boxes are of course also ready to buy, but the DIY is fun and gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money. Below are instructions on how to build a garbage bin yourself and many useful tips that will make your job easier. We wish you much success!

Building a trash can box saves money and is fun

Many people keep their garbage cans in the garage or in the shed, but sometimes you have no other option than to put them in the garden. The garbage cans made of plastic or metal simply do not write into the surrounding garden landscape, and fall quickly, so you should hide them best. And there is actually no better option than a garbage bin! The boxes that can be found on the market, but are not cheap at all, so we offer you something better – to build a garbage bin itself! It’s actually a lot easier than it might seem at first glance, and it could save you a lot of money! The wood is simply ideal for building a garbage bin, but you should take into account that it takes some care to keep as long as possible. You can find out more about how to build a garbage bin made of wood yourself below.

Garbage bin box build from wood

If you want to build a garbage bin made of wood yourself, you must definitely leave a few openings, so that the air can circulate freely inside – so you avoid unpleasant odors. There are actually different ways to build a wooden garbage bin box with openings – for example, you can design these so that the doors do not reach the roof. Another option is to make the whole box out of wooden boards, leaving a certain distance between them. A tall and sloping roof will also provide good ventilation – the photos above might give you some interesting ideas in this regard. The garbage can box can be either floor level or slightly raised – but in both cases it should be as low as possible so you can easily pull out the bins and put them back in again. For wooden trash can boxes, the raised design is recommended because it protects the box from moisture that could collect underneath. You can either use simple wooden slats to lift the box, or you can build a small concrete and wood ramp yourself, which would make it much easier to pull out the drums.

Build a garbage bin yourself – instructions and tips

The garbage bin box will be particularly sturdy if you pour a concrete base, but it requires some manual skill. The easiest Variente is actually to build a wooden frame without floor from boards and wooden strips itself, which has a movable lid and door with hinges. The possibilities are actually enormous and you would find many tutorials on the net with different degrees of difficulty. In principle, the thicker the wood, the more stable the box becomes. For more stability, an additional wooden strip in the rear area would also provide. Before you build the garbage can yourself, you should also consider that a household has at least three tons – one for paper, others for glass, and one for the residual waste. But building a bigger box is not as difficult as you might think – take three old and big enough boxes, make wooden boards and covers! If you want a very original trash can box, you could design it with folding doors – this variant is just perfect if your box is a bit longer, and accommodates 3 or 4 tons.

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