In recent years, Father’s Day in Germany has become almost as popular as Mother’s Day. On this beautiful holiday, we say “Thank you!” To the most important man in our lives – the Father, for His love and all that He has done for us. Since Father’s Day 2017 is coming soon, we offer you some great gift ideas to make a great surprise for your father or husband. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

When do we celebrate Father’s Day 2017?

In Germany, Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the Christian holiday “Ascension Day” – that is, on the 40th day after Easter. The festival is still called Men’s or Men’s Day and has its roots in the US – In 1974, American President Richard Nixon declared the third Sunday in June for an official holiday dedicated to the Fathers. The festival has successfully prevailed in many Christian countries, and today it is also celebrated in Germany. Father’s Day 2017 will take place on the 25th of May, so it’s worth thinking about a fitting present. When choosing, it is important to consider the character and personal preferences of your father or husband, so we offer you a variety of ideas that can serve as a source of inspiration for finding the ideal gift. Be creative and make your dear father an unforgettable surprise. We wish you a wonderful Father’s Day!

Gift ideas for Father’s Day 2017: Gift to personal preference

The simplest gift idea is to buy your father something to look forward to. Maybe he occasionally drinks a glass of wine or whiskey and likes to smoke cigars? Just for Father’s Day it pays to spoil him with everything he likes. Maybe such a gift seems too common or boring for you, but you can be sure that you did not make a mistake. Wine lovers will be delighted to find a luxurious crystal glass set or special wine stands, and for BBQ fans, a labeled apron or grill set is just the thing. If your father / husband likes to eat sweets, you can bake your favorite biscuits, a cake or a cake yourself and surprise him with a festive breakfast.

A luxury watch as a gift for Father’s Day

A watch is also part of the group of “boring” gifts. A luxurious watch, engraved with his name or a happy birthday, but your father can wear for years and she will remind him every day of your love. Actually, most men like to wear watches, so it’s definitely worth thinking about such a gift.

experience Gifts

Today, the experience gifts are also very popular. Father’s Day can be used as an opportunity to organize a short holiday for the whole family. Surprise the man with a trip to a place they always wanted to visit or give him vouchers for fun – this idea is just perfect if he feels too overwhelmed in his professional life. And for unforgettable experiences, you could also opt for something extreme – for example, bungee jumping or skydiving. We wish you lots of fun!

DIY Gift

When it comes to gifts, maybe the best idea is to make something yourself. Help the kids make a colorful greeting card or spectacular photo collage for your dad. You could also paint a porcelain cup or plate together or make a garland. Be creative – there are no limits to your imagination!

Gift ideas for sports fans

If the man enjoys sports, the sports equipment is the best gift. With a new golf stick, helmet, sports shoes or tennis rackets, you can pleasantly surprise the man. A suitable alternative is the subscription card for the gym or the tickets for a game of his favorite team.

Hi-tech gifts for the father / husband

Is your father / husband interested in the new technologies? Then choose a hi-tech gift for him! At the specialty stores, you will find an enormous variety of technical novelties: luxurious headphones, special fitness wristband that tracks athletic activity, wireless keyboard, convenient webcam, Bluetooth speakers and more.

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