Therapeutic fasting is used both to lose weight and for better well-being and vitality of the body, as well as strengthening the immune system. It is called to the positive effects on body and mind. The intestinal cleansing is not to be underestimated, because the purification of the body always has a positive effect on the health. Therapeutic fasting is not always comparable to dieting. Toxins present in the body, which are caused by the way of life of each person, should be eliminated with the help of a balanced fasting cure. In the first days of the fasting program, the body will lose water for the first time and not the unloved fat pads. It should be noted here, who takes up his eating habits after the fasting cure again, the lost kilos come back very quickly. In addition to all the positive effects, fasting is an ideal option for long-term diet and healthy living. Here is a fasting instructions presented.

Therapeutic fasting instructions for healthy weight loss

As you know, you feel most comfortable in your own environment, but you can find a few cases in your environment. Therefore, it is important to make some preparations, according to the fasting instructions, in order to be able to pull through the therapeutic fasting plan at home smoothly. So the head comes to rest and energy is released.

The 5 day fasting plan

Therapeutic fasting is defined by experts as cleansing and purifying the body.

Day 1: digestion adjustment

Day 1: On the first day, the stomach is given smaller portions and light meals, which are easily tolerated and accelerate the digestion. So the body tunes into the fasting cure. It is important in the morning to drink two glasses of lukewarm water immediately after getting up to stimulate the metabolism.

Day 2: Catch the day again with two glasses of lukewarm water. Here you can have a portion of vegetable or oat soup for lunch.

Day 3: The body produces fewer and fewer digestive juices and the feeling of hunger subsides.

Day 4: Those who have made it to date have made the transition. Blood pressure stabilizes and activity increases, so the body has adapted to fasting. They become more creative and radiate joie de vivre.

Day 5: You’ve made it and you can be proud of yourself. Today is the last day of healthy fasting. You feel light and your skin shines.

Now comes the change from fasting to eating and it’s supposed to happen slowly to avoid the stress on the body. In the next few days try to eat light food, chew well and eat slowly. Do not forget to drink a lot of water. Even in the next few days, a weight reduction can be felt. The head is free, the mind is satisfied and the body light and radiant.

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