Give the winter a good-bye kiss and take the dark, gray clothes out of the closet! Spring is a fairytale variety of colors, patterns and models. If you want to be one step ahead, take a look at our article. We present you the latest trends for the upcoming season with the best garments for after-shopping. Be inspired by the fashion trends of 2018 to become a fashionista. For a stroll through the shops for colorful clothes just fun.

Colors, patterns and cuts: What will the fashion trends look like in 2018?

Colors: The Pantone Color Institute is the institution that informs us which are the annual trend colors. It has already been announced that the color of the year is the vigorous Ultra Violet. In addition, the trendy color palette seems to be quite contrary – on the one hand, the bright colors are totally in, on the other hand, the pastel colors are not enough!

Pattern: Sit up   Stripes and points and you hit the middle of the goal! Strips are not just in one or two collections, but in almost all. A striped 7/8 pants are perfectly combined with a brightly colored blouse. Most women are totally in love with this trend, because the vertical stripes of your clothes can set the right accents and also hide the problem areas very well. In contrast to the frequently occurring stripes, the dots or so-called “polka dots” are in principle a symbol of the sixties, but they are currently enjoying a revival.

Note: Floral patterns are an absolute trend in the fashion world. No season passes without being surprised by the breathtaking floral patterns on the catwalk.

Cuts: A current trend is the asymmetric cut lines that focus on the popular body part. Totally hip is the asymmetry in the décolleté area, because it sets great accents in selfies. The drawstring is still a popular element in the new outfits. He transforms from a very sporty piece into a fashionable eye-catcher. The voluminous puffed sleeves, which were the most popular cut in the 80s, are considered modern again today. The new interpretations of the old classic are very popular among the ladies. The loose cut lines are also “in” for the season. The wide pleated maxi skirts, which play around your figure particularly well, are a real hit. The current trends in the fashion world direct the focus on the chest – the short tops remain modern.

The Top 5 Spring Looks According to Fashion Trends 2018

№1: Trenchcoat “- in the footsteps of Sherlok Holmes

The all-time favorite of all women is the trench coat. Inspired by the original military coat, it has become firmly established in the fashion world as a popular garment. Almost every fashion woman has this

Create a white ensemble, it’s always a good idea! The white clothes are classic, elegant, modern and delicate. The white clothing will save you if you get into this situation: “I’m invited to the party, but I have nothing to wear!” Without hesitation, take the white suit out of the closet and get dressed. Whether with

№4: The “torn jeans” style gives your look a big city flair

№5: Put on a colorful leather jacket to instantly awaken spring feelings

By and large, the following can be stated: We have had enough of the boring color palette of winter. Spring is here again and he is very welcome. This brings the bright colors, which are still a reason to cheer. The fashion trends of 2018 are already clear: stripe and point look, Trechcoats and denim, pleated, torn jeans – that’s what the highlights of the trends in the fashion world see for this season. Take a look at our gallery to collect many new inspirations!


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