If you fancy more glamor on your head, then you are right here. In this article, we tell you the hair colors that are coming in next season. The new trend is called Metallic Hair and amazes all ladies with their sparkling metallic tones. According to the latest fashion prognosis, colored hair is not only a trend for the summer, but also a must for the winter. Put on some metallic accents in the hair and shimmer with the falling snowflakes that reflect the colorful strands.

Pastel or pop: Colorful hair is feminine, expressive and sexy

Glitz, glamor and illusion – these three words best describe the trendy metallic glow of the trend – colored hair. If you are looking for a glamorous look, then you should definitely consider that to color your hair according to the current hair color. And the best part is that the trend matches metallic colored hair to any type. It is not necessary to have blonde hair, so that the result is gently bright, colorful and individual, because the brown hair gets a sparkling touch.

Metallic hair color palette: from icy silver tones, to iridescent copper tones, to warm gold tones

Metallic Haarfarbe Palette: von eisigen Silbertönen, über die irisierende Kupfernuance, bis hin zur warmen Goldfarbe
Aschblond is a true trend brand of self-confident women. The metallic touch, which is a mixture of blond, platinum and gray, is particularly suitable for ladies with fair complexion. The ice-blue eyes help to look more and more attractive.
Powerful copper is the real staging of the fiery women and in combination with green eyes, it has an even stronger effect on the men. Anyone who uses copper-colored hair should pay attention to their clothing. The color itself is an eye-catcher, so you should rather wear discreetly colored clothing to emphasize the natural splendor and power of the color.
Warm golden hair shine has long been popular among women. The golden hair is reminiscent of goddesses and in combination with dark skin color and dark eyes you fascinate young and old.

Rainbow hair color: Sparkle with the current hair colors

Regenbogen Haarfarbe: Funkeln Sie um die Wette mit den aktuellen Haarfarben

Pink hair dye – the teen choice

Rosa Haare färben - die Teen Wahl

Colombre – Give your Ombre hairstyle a modern twist with colorful hair tips

Colombre - Verleihen Sie Ihrer Ombre Frisur eine moderne Note mit bunten Haarspitzen Färben

Color your hair colorful: the trendy look of the upcoming season

Die Haare bunt färben lassen: der angesagte Look der kommenden Saison

Pantone 2019: hair color violet

Panetone 2018: Haarfarbe Violet

Coloring brown hair – spoil your look with some purple strands in your hair

Braune Haare färben - Verspielen Sie Ihren Look mit einigen violetten Strähnen im Haar

Violet, silver or copper – which metallic color suits you?

Violett, Silber oder Kupfer - welche metallische Farbe passt zu Ihnen?

“Granny Look” never again, the trendy look is called icy silver

Spice up your brown hair with a feminine metallic touch

Peppen Sie Ihre braunen Haare mit einer feminin metallischen Note auf

Blue strands in the hair: Put on colorful hair in winter

Blaue Strähnen im Haar: Setzen sie auf bunte Haare im Winter

Tint your hair with hair shampoo yourself: Made easy and natural-looking Mit Haarshampoo Ihre Haare selber tönen: Leicht gemacht und natürlich aussehend

Haare Rosa färben
Braune Haare färben - setzen Sie auf metallische Tönen

Aktuelle Haarfarben für den Winter 2018

Haarfarbe Grün, Silber oder Blau ist angesagt für 2018

Ihre Haare Rosa färben - Tipps und Tricks

Haarfarbe Violett - die Wahl der Farbinstitut Pantone

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