By nature you have a chubby figure or you can not get in shape after a pregnancy? Then you are right here! In this post, we’ll tell you the most important rules of fashion for chubby, and give you a few styling tips that you could look stunning. Continue reading to make sure that the plump figure is not necessarily a disadvantage!

Fashion for chubby women – inspiring ideas

While for most women the slender, sporty figure is a beauty ideal, many men find chubby ladies sexy! Therefore, you should not fall into depression when you have gained 5-6 pounds – the plump figure also has its advantages that you should recognize and emphasize instead of hiding your body constantly under baggy clothes. However, the fashion for chubby has some golden rules that you should follow to always look stylish and set your figure in the right place. Here you can find out all about it and you will also find some useful tips for the right choice of clothes and accessories for chubby women. Also look at the photos in this post – they could give you more modern and inspiring styling ideas. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Fashion for chubby: What golden rules are to be considered?

The first important rule that chubby women should know about is that you can carry anything if you feel comfortable in it. The sense of style is independent of the figure, and many fashion bloggers prove this today, such as Gaby Gregg and Tanesha Awasthi. So, you can stay true to your own taste while impressing with a modern and elegant look. There are a few styling tricks that could help you look as if you weigh 10 kilos less! Wear only loose pants in the first place. The classic Marlenehosen and the boyfriend jeans 2017 are really hip, and thus your legs would look much slimmer. A must for the wardrobe of every chubby woman are the pleated and midi skirts, because they conceal problem areas such as hips, buttocks and thighs. The same goes for the dresses and tops made of soft flowing fabrics – they are actually much better for the chubby ladies than the slender model because they emphasize their beautiful curves. For example, the wrap tops and jersey dresses are a good choice.

The best styling tips for chubby ladies

If you have a plump figure, you should divert attention from the problem areas by placing an accent on the décolleté – such as a V-neck blouse. You’ll get the same effect if you just leave two buttons on a regular blouse open. Recommended for chubby ladies are also attractive accessories such as long chains and eye-catching earrings. Also wear comfortable shoes with heel that visually lengthen the legs. You could also wear shapewear under clothing – the figure-shaping underwear will match your body with the ideal hourglass shape!

Festive fashion for chubby

But there are also certain garments that chubby ladies should avoid. These include, for example, the sleeveless tops, pleated skirts, cargo pants, and the bootcut jeans – especially in combination with flat shoes. However, the biggest mistake you can make is to buy too tight clothes. A too tight top, skirt or trousers will not only look unappealing, but will also visually add a few kilos, and you’ll undoubtedly want to avoid this effect. You should also do without the short blazer – with a longer boyfriend version your body will look much slimmer. If you are chubby, sometimes you have bigger bosoms, which is why clothes with large lapels and flounces on the chest are not recommended. Much better are the blouses and tunics with a simple V-neck, which emphasize the upper body in a nicer way. And when it comes to the choice of accessories – everything is possible, only too large pockets are not to be preferred.

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