Curly hair! Are you looking for a change or would you like to change your styling and curl your hair? Then you are right here. Whether for everyday use or for a special occasion, the curls bring a romantic mood. And in updos, you can make it chaotic for a laid-back day or more formal for an official occasion. The curly updos are great for a party where you will dance the whole evening. We have discovered the best hairstyles for you and prepared a helpful guide. Get more creative ideas from our picture gallery!

Curls Up Pins: A Creative Idea and Instructions

Take one side of the hair over your right eye and straighten it with a brush. Then you divide the rest of your hair and one part you boast in a high ponytail, the other – leave for later. Turn the ponytail in a bun and use hairspray to attach.

Turn the remaining hair piece into a large curl with a curling iron and attach with hair clips. The other part of your hair is luring you back in nice wide curls, but this time upwards. Then attach again with hair clips. Let the curl up directly. Hairspray is a must for this hairstyle. The pictures speak better than the text, follow the steps and you will make a professional hairstyle yourself.

Curls Hairstyles for long hair

This hairstyle is very suitable for a wedding and with a few white pearls you create a breathtaking look! Here again the curling iron plays an important role. Turn up the hair lengths in the lower third with the curling iron. Toss the hair and comb it back smoothly. Then you have to divide the remaining lengths into four parts. Slip on them one at a time with white pearls or hair clips. Finished! So easy and beautiful styling!

With this guide – 2 different hairstyles

The curls updos fit too short hair

Combine curls and lichens for a romantic look

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