Most women dream of a classic and traditional wedding. But if you want to make this great day truly memorable, you can choose an extravagant bridal gown. Here you will find more than 10 fancy bridal gowns that will guarantee your unique look on the wedding day.

Bride fashion in maroon

According to tradition, the wedding dress should be white. But if you want a really extravagant look, choose one in claret. This color is modern, provocative and looks very solemn. You can also opt for a dress in red and white or only choose red accessories.

Wedding dress in champagne color

This color has a particularly official effect, and when it comes to fancy bridal gowns, it would be particularly original. A traditional white wedding dress with accessories in champagne color, such as a belt, would also look unique.

White-black fairy

Black is considered color, totally inappropriate to a wedding dress. And that is not surprising at all – it is referred to as the color of grief, not joy. There are today her fancy wedding dresses in black. A white wedding dress with black accents would guarantee a classic and extravagant look at the same time.

Fancy wedding dresses with floral motifs

Floral motifs have a particularly feminine appearance. Such a dress would emphasize your youth and beauty and guarantee a happy look.

Bridal dress models made of delicate silk

Silk is the classic choice when it comes to wedding dresses. Today, however, the unusual models are modern, such as long silk dresses with wide sleeves in boho style, models with pointed or colored silk.

Original wedding dresses with geometric motifs

Geometric motifs are particularly popular today – not only when it comes to interior design and interior design, but also in the field of fashion. Wedding dresses with geometric motifs have an extravagant and unusual look that guarantees a truly modern and impressive look.

Knitted bridal gown models

For winter weddings knitted wedding dress models are particularly suitable. They are both elegant and extraordinary, so you would be impressed with such a dress.

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