Kinderschminken Schmetterling - DIY Ideen zum Selbermachen

The materials needed for the face painting butterfly

Kinderschminken Schmetterling - die benötigten Materialien für die DIY Anleitung
• Water-soluble make-up in the desired colors – each instruction can be done in colors of your choice
• greasepaint or creamyouge
• Lipstick or greasepaint that you will use for the lips
• cosmetic brush
• Cosmetic sponge

Step by step instructions

Das passende Fasching Make up für den Schmetterling Kostüm
Step 1: Paint base of butterfly wings
First moisten the cosmetic sponge and pick up some of the water-soluble make-up. For this guide we have used white color. Make sure that a continuous line on nose bridge, forehead and chin remains clear. Look at this picture:
Schmetterling Schminken - das beste Fasching Make up für die Kinder
Step 2: The butterfly is colorful, so do your butterfly wings!
There is no rule here, only your imagination is important! Play with colors, add a little glitter, let the colors flow. The best way to enjoy a beautiful effect is to use three colors that you apply at the end of the butterfly wings using the brush.
Step 3: Paint contours in black for the wings
In this step, use a thin brush and greasepaint. Make light strokes so that the contours look beautifully filigree.
Step 4: Now comes the slim butterfly body turn
Start again with the color, then paint the contours. We used all the colors we used for the wings as if we were painting small dots. You can only use one or two colors. Rely on your imagination and creativity!
Schminktipps für Fasching - Kinderschminken Schmetterling
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