Where does the water come from? How can you make rain at home? Can you run on eggs? Surely you have received these questions from your child. The children are becoming more and more curious and want to discover the world. And this not only applies to the children in elementary school, but also to small children and children’s card children. So that the questions “why” and “how” you do not bring in explanation, we show you some experiments for children, which instantly arouse the interest of children!

Experiments for children awaken the spirit of inquiry in your child!

The kids are born explorers! Did you hear that already? Young children are highly interested in physical, chemical and biological processes. Already as babies, they examine the properties of objects accessible to them, thereby discovering the world. You should only arouse the exploratory spirit in your child when doing experiments with children together. It is true that most of the knowledge can be gathered from the books. But the fact is that learning with experience is even more efficient, especially when it comes to children. By means of physical and chemical

An important rule is – do not let your kids do experiments on their own! They must always be supervised by adults, whether parents or teachers. You have probably already asked yourself which experiments are suitable for which age. In our contribution you will find water experiments, experiments with air, physics experiments and chemistry experiments. Physics and chemistry experiments are perfect for interesting kindergarten ideas and are by no means too early! Children have a great interest in their environment even in preschool age and scientific phenomena and experiments in kindergarten are easier to learn. Experiments with fire and those that give rise to an explosion are of course suitable for older children, but you will not find them in the following lines. We have collected the best experiments for you that are perfect for all ages. Let yourself be inspired!

Experiments for the home – make rain cloud in the glass itself

The kids love clouds! They are magical and invite you to dream! Bring the clouds home with this experiment. Look at the picture above! Are you convinced – the experiments for children conjure a smile on your child’s face! And now for guidance! So do yourself rain clouds in the glass!

Dissolve food colors in a glass with water. It has to be filled up to half with glass and the rest with shaving cream. What happens: the lower density of the shaving cream keeps it on the surface of the water. And in the end, you get colored rain cloud! Scroll down to see how you can make rain in the glass yourself.

Experiments with water: rain in the glass

The required materials:

The instruction:

Continue with water experiments: Make Rainbow Jar yourself!

You need this to get a rainbow in the glass:

and molecules:

Let’s go!

Experiments for kindergartners: Make flowers out of flowers yourself

DIY paper make with milk

You need acrylic paints, milk and of course paper!


“The naked egg” – experiment

Make big gummy bears

Leave gummy bears in water for 24 hours

Children’s experiments for toys: Natural Glow in the Dark!

Secret message in bottle create with lemon juice

Dye flowers of course

Dye flowers – how it works:

Elephant toothpaste make yourself

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