Did you hear that exfoliation is the secret weapon for soft skin? In the drugstore you will find the high quality peeling products for a very high price. They also contain many chemical ingredients. The solution for beautiful skin without chemistry and high costs but we have found for you – make exfoliation itself. We have talked to specialists and put together for you the 4 best and fastest recipes – so you get a radiant and soft skin for little time and cost!

Exfoliate yourself – what are the advantages of preparing it at home?

The term peeling comes from the English word “peel” and literally means “peel”. There is no better remedy for skin cleansing. And since it’s cleaning, it gets even better if you make the exfoliation yourself and use only natural ingredients. The face and body are scrubbed off during exfoliation with small abrasive particles. This scrub, called Exfoliant, looks like salt. That’s why you can make it with coffee, almonds, sugar and many other products from the kitchen. The benefits are not only for the skin, but also for the wallet. Also this year, the gifts in the glass are very much in vogue and you can make the peeling yourself and give away in the glass! Scroll down to find the 4 best recipes for a nice and fast wow-effect!

1. Our Number 1: Coffee peeling with coconut

A clean skin that smells like fresh coffee. That’s called refreshment! The coffee peeling is at the same time good for the body and facial mask. Coconut gives you a wonderful feeling for softness. The coffee also helps with cellulite. All you need for this mix is ​​a tablespoon of coconut oil and the coffee grounds from the breakfast!

2. Something exotic on the skin – papaya banana exfoliation

Mash a banana with a fork. Puree ¼ of papaya and give it to the banana. The peeling effect can be achieved with a tablespoon of sugar. To taste, you can add honey or coconut oil.

3. Lemon sugar scrub recipe


  • 250g sugar
  • 2 tablespoons lemon peel
  • lemon essential oil or squeezed lemon juice
  • 60 g of coconut oil

4. Yogurt and almond peeling

Stir three tablespoons of plain yogurt with three tablespoons of grated almonds and massage your face and body into the shower. Leave to act for a short time and then wash off with warm water.

Our team wishes you a nice time peeling!

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