You want to buy or build a house? But in what color? How could you choose the right color shade from the whole wide range? That’s the first question you need to answer. Innovative examples of facade paints, we show you today to make your selection easier! Know that the facade paint makes the first impression on your neighbors. The facade represents the taste of the owners and the preferred style. It is the business card of every home. That’s why mistakes are not allowed!

Fascinating examples of facade colors!

The color choice is not an easy choice. So many fundamental factors have to be considered. These include, first and foremost, the architectural design of the house and the size. The environment also influences this. For example, consider whether your house is in the mountains or by the sea, in a light or dark environment. First, find out about the most commonly used facade paints from your neighbors, to make your home a real eye-catcher.

Create perfect facade design with matching colors!

Every color has its meaning. For this reason, the color symbolism must always be observed. Classic black and white; sweet pink; warm green, yellow or red. All colors have their effect on our mood. Depending on the color, the house contains a very different personality. Our suggestions are the following:

White – the infinity

The most perfect color is clearly the white one. The light, the ideal, the new, cleanliness, neutrality – all this symbolizes the whiteness. The color white looks elegant, pure and untouchable. It is advisable, however, if you prefer to use white in addition to more colorful colors or combine with other colors.

Black – the “non-time”

Black is the color of darkness and lack of light. The color black also represents seriousness, dignity and reputation.

Brown – stability

The ground, the festivity and the security – that’s how you can describe the brown color. Brown is associated with earthiness. Often this color is associated with motherliness and domesticity.


Green – life

Green has a calming effect. Green is the symbol of hope for good life. The color green is often used as a neutral healing color.

Light or dark green?

Blue – harmony

Blue is relaxing. This color symbolizes the distance, the vastness and the infinity. Other associations are friendliness, sympathy, trust and reliability. The powers of the heavens and immortality – that connects the blue.

Light Blue

Navy blue – the color of the water

The wide sea … fairytale!

Yellow – the sun

Yellow symbolizes truth and knowledge. The color yellow looks happy and innocent. Brightness and creativity!

Red – temperament

So many associations with the red are present. For example, red symbolizes love, activity, energy, but also aggressiveness and prohibitions. So the positive sides face the negative aspects. Therefore, be careful when choosing a red facade color or combine it with other color nuances.

Purple or purple – the sensitivity

Purple is associated with vanity and selfishness. Purple is sacral.

Pink – femininity

The color pink often sounds feminist. But one can combine this color with tenderness and reverie.

Gray – boredom

In principle, the gray is associated with boredom and desolation. But gray also has positive qualities such as elegance and objectivity.

Orange – the pleasure

This exotic color symbolizes the wildness and the activity.

Turquoise – the charm of the south

Turquoise is individual and creative. That’s the desire to try something new.


Black and white combine!

In conjunction with all these basic tones, the house facade can get a very different and unique look.

Colors refresh the facades!

Choose the right façade color for your house? That sounds almost impossible to you? But it will be a breeze if you use our suggestions. Take a look at examples of façade colors!

The power of colors!

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