Once it was just a Euro pallet – some boards, blocks and nails. Combined with a bit of fantasy, this resulted in beautiful furniture and works of art – ecological, mobile and energy-efficient. That underlies the idea of ​​Euro pallets upcycling. Although it is nothing new under the sun, it gives the europallets a new life by making many designer pieces of furniture, such as shelving systems, pallet beds and lounge furniture for the garden. And not only the pallets of furniture are in. Ten years ago, an idea has become reality – a “house of the future” made of 800 used pallets.
Isaac Newton once said, “People build too many walls and too few bridges.” Maybe the europallets are our bridge to the future of environmentally friendly furniture construction. And for the good reason that the recycling of materials and materials, energy efficiency and sustainability are the top priorities of our future.

Euro pallets upcycling – environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cheap are just a part of the benefits

Europaletten Upcycling - umweltfreundlich, energieeffizient und günstig sind nur ein Teil der Vorteile
Is pallet upcycling really environmentally friendly or damaging to health and what exactly makes the appeal of this material? Anyone who knows the numerous advantages of Euro pallets finds this question rhetorical and even superfluous. The reason – the pallets are an aid to the transport system and industry, subject to the principle of exchange. The pinewood of the europallets can be worked easily and with a lot of creativity. What not many of you know is that the wooden pallets are legally required to be free of wood preservatives. The pallets are free of PCP , lindane or dichlofluanid, which means that the europallets have no harmful effect on the environment and health.
A second reason – pallets are like electricity from the outlet and are very cheap. In supermarket around the corner, on almost all construction sites, even online, one is happy to get rid of the pallets as soon as possible. As your guide, we recommend an online company that delivers high quality material in the quantities and dimensions you need directly to your doorstep. A good example of value for money and professional advice is www.europaletten-kaufen.eu . There you will also find numerous instructions for pallet furniture construction, which will help you to build your own. Convince yourself how amazing it is, how many possibilities for unique design ideas a Euro pallet with the base of 0.96 square meters can realize!

Bed of pallets, desk, stool or designer garden furniture – discover the potential of upcycling with pallets

Bett aus Paletten, Schreibtisch, Hocker oder Designer Gartenmöbel - entdecken Sie das Potenzial des Upcycling mit Paletten
Spend a pleasant time Stylish coffee table made of pallets in industrial design
Stylischer Couchtisch aus Paletten in Industrie-Design

A floating bed of European pallets with thick ropes suspended from the ceiling – an invitation to dream

Ein schwebendes Bett aus Europapaletten mit dicken Seilen an der Decke aufgehängt - Einladung zum Träumen 

Pallet chest is versatile – as a sideboard, Schuhaufbewarung or bench in the hallway

Paletten Kommode ist vielseitig einsetzbar - als Sideboard, Schuhaufbewarung oder Sitzbank im Flur

Only one used pallet is enough to build this unusual wardrobe yourself

Nur eine gebrauchte Palette reicht, um diese ausgefallene Garderobe selber zu bauen

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