Folding Envelope is a skill that can be of use to you for a variety of purposes – if you want to send a letter, greeting card, invitation or nice message to wrap a gift of money. Folding is really easy and you can make unique personalized envelopes yourself to impress your favorite people and friends. We hope you enjoy our DIY ideas and instructions below and wish you lots of fun folding!

Envelope: Design personalized envelopes for special occasions

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Briefumschlag falten aus Verpackungs- oder Notenpapier
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Imagine the following situation: You want to organize a party at home and have already made the invitations for the guests. Would not it be wonderful to send them in original, handmade envelopes? If you Envelope folding is really easy!
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Briefumschlag falten mit Herzverschluss
Briefumschlag falten mit Herzverschluss Vorlage
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Briefumschlag falten geometrisch herrlicher Look
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The easiest way to fold an envelope is perhaps to use a free template from the web. You should simply print them, cut them out, transfer them to the material for the envelope and fold them according to the dashed lines (you will find such a template in the photos above). But even without a template, folding a letter envelope is particularly easy. Take a piece of A4 sized paper and place the letter, invitation or greetings card you want to send, as shown in the picture tutorial above. Then drop the four pages of the paper interestingly, and you’re done! The finished envelope could be made even more stable with a little tape. The envelopes in geometric shapes, such as triangular, square, hexagonal or in the shape of a flower also look quite impressive, and can really make yourself very easy.

Envelope folds out of circles and other great ideas

Briefumschlag falten aus Papierkreisen
Briefumschlag falten quadratisch kleine Papierherzen
Briefumschlag falten Einladungen notwendige Materialien
A cute envelope can also be folded from circles. Cut out four circles of the same diameter from paper – depending on the size of the letter envelope and flatten it in the middle. Then put the circles together – the fold lines will serve as a guide where they should overlap each other and fix with some glue. Wait for this to dry completely and seal the envelope with a nice bow. Folding a square envelope is even easier: take a large, square piece of construction paper in any color and fold the corners inward using a ruler. Then you should fill the letter envelope and stick it in the middle, where the corners overlap. You could use paper hearts instead of simple tapes – so the envelopes will look more original and playful.

Envelope fold: more instructions and inspiring suggestions

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Briefumschlag falten Foto verpacken
Briefumschlag falten origineller Verschluss mit Schnur
Briefumschlag falten Verschluss originell Anleitung
You could also easily fold an interesting envelope made from a large heart shape – look at the picture instructions above to see how it works. Or you can make an unusual closure using small rivets, two circles of cardboard and a colorful string. Cover the bottom of the envelope and the flap with the rivets and “buttons” made of cardboard, and insert the string as shown in the photos above. You can not simply wrap these around the buttons, but create a cross pattern and other interesting shapes. The finished envelopes can be beautifully decorated with washi tape, rhinestones, fabric remnants, bows or stickers. Let only your imagination run wild!
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