Finally it is here, July, the most beautiful summer month. Now we only dream of a nocturnal drink on the wonderful summer terrace and of infinite joy. Make the night to day, enjoy the terrace around the clock – with the right lighting that is quite possible! In order for the light to really become a pleasure, an exciting play of light and shadow – bright and dark, you have to choose the right patio lighting. The elements that give the terrace or the balcony during the day in the natural sunshine structure, so terrace furniture, railings, decoration, plants, they will also shape the evening and at night, if you skillfully put in the right light. Which light sources you should choose: LED, halogen or solar lights, what is suitable for what and what is the difference, all questions are answered in this post.

Only the right patio lighting creates the pleasant ambience on the terrace

In summer, when the terrace becomes the second living room in the open air, you should plan the lighting as carefully as it does in the house. From romantic fairy lights to modern floor recessed spotlights to floor lamps: the market today offers a wide selection and the right combination of lights for you. The light on the terrace provides comfort and allows artful plays of light that create mood. Outdoor lighting also means safety. Whether you want to use only an atmospheric light on the terrace or a targeted lighting, you should pay a lot of attention. We have collected some practical tips from the professionals for you, so that your terrace or balcony in the truest sense of the word becomes a highlight.

  • Important: The external lighting must be at least the degree of protection have 44 IP.
  • LED lighting combines energy efficiency and longevity. The LED strips are recommended if you want to illuminate hard-to-reach places.
  • Beautiful hanging lamps let the living area expand to the outside and create coziness.
  • Ground-mounted spots are the best choice if your terrace needs to be reached over several steps. Just make sure that you install the lights so that they do not blind your eyes.
  • Floor lamps are perfect if you want to accentuate special areas on your patio or in the garden, such as plants, sculptures or decoration.

Enjoy the night in the green

Choosing the right patio lighting can also turn the night green. Your balcony or roof terrace will become something really special, if enough green is available. The patio plants provide a pleasant atmosphere and create a real flower paradise, which may also be seen in the evenings. With targeted solar wall sconces , the terrace plants also enjoy the attention they deserve in the evening and bring the green to life. Thus, the outdoor area, whether garden, balcony or terrace, transforms into an atmospheric oasis in no time, full of charming light flowers and special contrasts!

Lanterns and tealights transform your terrace into a mysterious oasis

For long terrace evenings – the mix makes it!

If you like to relax in pleasant company, you will definitely like the longer terrace evenings. Then usually the food light is turned off and the wine glasses and candles come on the table. A lighted ball next to the dining table, solar deco on the bench with flower box and a chain of lights on the edge of the terrace – use all the light sources and combine them to create atmospheric accents and create a relaxing atmosphere. A successful lighting design is therefore always a mixture of different light bodies and light intensity.

Terrace lighting ensures relaxation

With the right lighting, the terrace owners will be given a new dimension, a world of experience with very unique charms, because it is only through lighting that the garden becomes an oasis of well-being around the clock. Apostle Paul once said, “Everything is recognized as soon as it is exposed to light, and whatever is exposed to the light becomes light itself!” Turn your outdoor space into the light that lets you see and experience beauty and coziness!

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