Aubergine Farbe Schlafzimmer Wandfarbe Bettwäsche
Aubergine Farbe Küchenfronten
Aubergine Farbe Akzentwand Homeoffice
Aubergine Farbe im Esszimmer herrlicher Look
Aubergine Farbe Küche originelle Akzente
Aubergine Farbe Anthrazit Küche
Aubergine Farbe Akzente Schlafzimmer Teppich Bettwäsche
Aubergine Farbe in der Küche einsetzen
Aubergine Farbe moderne Wandpaneelen
Aubergine Farbe KOchinsel herrlicher Look
Aubergine Farbe Wohnzimmer Sitzecke Vintage Look
Aubergine Farbe Küchenfronten Akzent
Aubergine Farbe Küche Spritzschutz Glas
You would like to visually enhance a living space? Choose the eggplant color! It belongs to the violet and berry tones, is, as already said, lately really modern and gives a sense of elegance and finesse. In addition, like most cold paints, it has a calming effect, which makes it perfect for the Using and combining eggplant color – ideas and tips
Aubergine Farbe gelungene Farbkombinationen
Aubergine Farbe Kleiderschrank Schlafzimmer
Aubergine Farbe Akzente Teppich Couchtisch
Aubergine Farbe mit anderen Farbtönen kombinieren
Aubergine Farbe Akzente Kissen Vorhänge
Aubergine Farbe Wohnzimmer Polstersofa
Aubergine Farbe Akzente im Interieur setzen
Aubergine Farbe Akzentwand gestalten
Aubergine Farbe Küche Spritzschutz Akzentwand
Eggplant color is noble, but should rather be used sparingly – to paint a whole room in this dark, rich nuance, would definitely not a good idea. Make an accent wall in eggplant, or choose only small details in the interior in this color – the result will look much more interesting and stylish! Eggplant can be perfectly combined with all neutral tones – such as beige, pearl gray, terracotta, white, cream color. The color looks particularly impressive in combination with high-gloss surfaces – eg in white, silver or deep black, and with radiant colors like light yellow and lime green it creates an exciting contrast.

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