Blue eyes are less common compared to other eye colors, and are very special, so it’s important to spotlight them properly. In this post, we offer you useful make-up tips for blue eyes, as well as two great make-up techniques that you should definitely try! Here you will also find out which are the best eyeshadow shades for the blue eye color, and which you should refrain from the make-up. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy reading!

Blue eyes make-up – matching eye shadow colors

As mentioned above, blue eyes are really special, and will quickly become an eye-catcher if properly emphasized. The key to success in this case is to choose the right eye shadow color. When it comes to makeup on blue eyes, many women often resort to green and blue, which is a big mistake. Because the combination of blue eyes and blue or green eyeshadow looks too monotonous and unimaginative. Instead, opt for gold, bronze and brown tones. Today they are not only very modern, but also look elegant and create a nice contrast with the blue of the iris. The same goes for the warmer eyeshadow shades like red, orange and yellow, which are just perfect for the summer! The pinks also match the blue eye color, and are particularly suitable for the day make-up. And for the evening look, you could choose eyeshadow in black, gray or purple. All purple nuances actually emphasize the blue eye color very well, and can vary from subtle to dramatic depending on their intensity. The eyeshadows in purple can be ideally combined with mascara or eyeliner in navy blue. Actually, making up blue eyes is not a difficult task because the range of matching shades is enormous. The successful color combination is most important for the professional result, so in this post we have collected photos that could serve as an example and source of inspiration. Keep reading to learn more about the best blue eye makeup techniques!

Blue eyes pilled: cut-crease-make-up

Before you start applying makeup, cleanse your eyelids and the skin around your eyes and apply a moisturizing cream. The first modern make-up technique we want to show you is “cut-crease”. The English word “Crease” refers to the mobile eyelid. This type of make-up is highlighted with a light eye shadow color and “cut off” from the rest of the eye by a dark edge. All you need is three complementary eye shadow colors – chocolate brown, apricot and light bronze, eyeliner and mascara, for example. First, apply the darkest shade – in this case chocolate brown, in the eyelid crease and a little bit above it. Then you should again paint in the eyelid crease with the next shade – the apricot color. Apply bright eyeshadow to the eyelid on the eyelid, and use the paintbrush to fade the colors to create a smooth transition between them. The next step is to apply the eyeliner – you should extend the classic eyelid line at the outer corner of the eye with an oblique line, and fill it from the outside to the middle. Finally, emphasize your eyelashes with mascara. Finished!

The best make-up techniques for blue eyes: Smokey Eyes

If you have blue eyes, you should definitely try Smokey Eyes! There are actually two variants – in lighter colors for the daytime look, and in dark black and gray tones for the evening make-up. Smokey Eyes are easiest to make-up by dabbing a lighter eyeshadow shade onto the inner corner of the eye and applying a darker tone to the outer corner of the eye, into the eyelid crease and slightly above it. Use the brush to create a smooth transition between the colors for a nice smoky effect. In addition, emphasize the eyes with eyeliner or kohl pencil and mascara. Already finished!

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