Easter is knocking on the door and it’s time to decorate our house and garden. Spring always comes with flowering tulips and daffodils and these bring a good mood for the holidays. Wooden bunnies, Easter lambs and floral wreaths are set up in every home. The decoration shops are already overflowing with a variety of Easter accessories and are all tempting everyone to start the decoration. Easter Decor Garden: Classic Symbols
Osterdeko für Garten mit Hasen und Hänchen
Colored eggs, lambs, rabbits and chicks are a classic Easter decoration and with the beginning of spring, houses and gardens are decorated and decorated. In different regions of the world different and specific jewelry ways are known. In Eastern Europe, for example, hard-boiled eggs are dyed and painted with hand-decorated ornaments. In other countries, the eggs are not hard-boiled, but blown out and used as decoration. The first method is very popular, because you can also add the eggs to the Easter menu. There are two color trends that are used for Easter decoration: some prefer subtle and mild nuances, others: colorful and vibrant colors. After the eggs are also the other typical Easter symbols: the Easter bunnies, the little yellow chicks and carrots. Here you can let your imagination play: You can buy rabbits from porcelain or tinker from textile and plastic alone. The floral wreaths are a great accessory of your decoration and you can make them from real or artificial flowers. We also encourage you to make a carrot garland for your Easter party, as it is light but looks very fancy and solemn at the same time.

Modern and natural Easter decoration

Osterdeko Garten: Dekoration mit Tulpen
In order to create a natural Easter decoration, you should only use natural materials. This decoration looks very stylish not only in a house with wooden furniture, but also in a modern furnished apartment. Here are natural materials such as flowering branches, fragrant onion flowers and green moss used. You can make great Easter decorations yourself: Arrangement for the table and for your garden. The best part here is that you can find the materials in nature. You can also make small easter eggs from the moss. The green moss goes well with a modern interior. If you want to create a purist and elegant style, we recommend using cool concrete and shiny porcelain. Cool Easter sayings and colors like white and black are also very popular. Another great idea you can try is to dye white eggs with elderberries in some layers black or to dye the egg only halfway. For a festive look, you can also use pearly colors. You can also dip on a bit of cotton in different egg colors and then wrap the egg in the wool. So pack the egg for 5 minutes and then rid of the wool. The result is really inspiring. For your Easter decoration garden you should very diligently decorate the table and choose the places precisely. It is good to position the table near the kitchen so it is more comfortable to serve. Do not forget to decorate with fresh flowers and decorate the table with napkins in the same nuances. Disposable paper plates are recommended, so after the Easter party is easier to clean up. And in the shops there are a variety of such plates and cups with festive motifs. Garlands are a perfect choice if you want to achieve a festive mood. And the variants are numerous here. You can also buy them, but it’s much better if you make them alone or together with your family. With paper or felt you will always be on the right side. In our gallery you will also find many ideas and suggestions for your Easter decoration garden.
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