Just like prams and diapers, the pacifier is an indispensable item in the everyday life of the mother and her babies. Every one of you knows the situation when the pacifier falls on the dirt road – very uncomfortable. The solution to this problem is called dummy chain, still called Nuggikette. The practical baby accessory is not only suitable for personal use, but also for a personal baby gift for newborns. If you make a pacifier chain yourself, give the gift an individual touch. A colorful bead selection or letter “written” name bring double joy and turn the Nuggikette into a real eye-catcher! We will tell you which crafting material is best and how to make a pacifier chain yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

Which material is best for a nugget chain?

Since a pacifier chain is an everyday companion, you should not only choose fascinating colors, but pay attention to functionality and safety. Basically, a pacifier chain consists of a string with colorful pendants, a band and a clip for secure attachment. Since the clip is often in your baby’s mouth, it is important to buy only special clips that are suitable for baby nugget tags. The mounting clips should have three air holes. If it comes to your baby swallowing the clip, it gets through the holes enough air. High-quality crafting material, and a colorful assortment of ready-made creative pacifier chains and other baby accessories can be found on zwergehuus.ch . Colorful pendants in the shape of flowers or stars and colorful beads made of wood or silicone will give your nugget necklace a personal touch. Here creativity knows no bounds! We provide you with detailed instructions for pacifier chain. Let your imagination run wild!

Make the dummy chain yourself – video instructions

Make a nuggiquette: detailed step by step instructions

You need this crafting material:

Step 1: The crafts always begins with the clip

Take the selected attachment clip by hand and thread the cord through the metal eyelet of the clip. Make a solid double knot. You will see a short protruding line that you have to cut off. Weld the protruding cord with a lighter. The same thing you do with the other end of the string. This helps you threading.

Step 2: The threading cord

Important to note here is that the length of the cord may not exceed more than 20 inches. Otherwise there is a risk that it can wrap around the baby’s neck. Let’s go!

Step 3: Thread the beads and motifs

Let’s start with one of the two safety beads. Thread them so that the larger hole points towards the clip. Then put the motif beads in the desired order. Your pacifier chain should end best with a smaller pearl. After the last pearl follows a solid knot. Cut off the end of the whiskers. The lighter is used again – weld the ends and thread the second safety bead. Then grab the silicone ring and slide the loop through the slot in the ring. Finished!

Making a dummy chain yourself with letter cubes – A personalized baby gift with a name always makes you happy!

Every child is unique and deserves a personalized gift. Use letter cube to write baby’s name on the chain or place the birth date in numbers. This makes every nugget necklace a wonderful one-off. No matter if you choose letters for your necklace or put on colorful wooden motive beads, the most important thing is to make the dummy chain with love!

Do you need more inspiration? Scroll down to get ideas from our creative examples!

Have fun crafting!

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