Driftwood furniture is now very much in vogue – it radiates a rustic charm, can give any room a cozy atmosphere and can be integrated into different living concepts – both state-of-the-art and traditional. In this article, you’ll find creative design ideas for modern driftwood furniture that can inspire you to beautify your home. Let yourself be inspired!

Driftwood furniture: What is it?

As the name implies, these stylish pieces of furniture are made of driftwood. This is a material that has only recently been discovered for the manufacture of furniture and decorative items. In principle, it is nothing but wood that has spent some time in the water. For example, trees are uprooted from a strong storm that has fallen into the water and floated on lakes, rivers or in the sea until they reach the shore. The wood used for driftwood furniture can also come from ships and boats, or even wooden shipments that have fallen into the sea. So, the driftwood furniture is characterized by the fact that they came into contact with water at some point and have their own story. For example, if you buy such a table or lamp, you will not receive an industrially produced commodity for the mass market, but a unique piece of furniture with individuality. Perhaps this is the reason why the great popularity of this kind of furniture is today.

Driftwood as an environmentally friendly material

Driftwood furniture is not only beautiful and stylish, but also environmentally friendly, which is one of its most important advantages. In the production of this kind of furniture, a new, valuable product is created from the old, used wood. This process is called “upcycling”, which creates new uses for all kinds of used raw materials. In an innovative way, this method complements conventional recycling, which attempts to use existing raw materials not just once, but several times over. So, if you want to be environmentally conscious when furnishing your home, choose driftwood furniture.

Pieces of furniture with history

If you’re looking for beautiful driftwood furniture, there are a variety of options on the market – from massive cabinets and shelves to original chairs to decorative driftwood mirrors. Especially with young artists, this material is popular as a raw material for their work, as it offers many opportunities for experimentation. The driftwood furniture radiates a special warmth and perhaps everything is based on the fact that every single piece of furniture is unique. This makes driftwood furniture ideal for individualists who want to give their home a special, unique look.

Create a cozy atmosphere

Driftwood furniture can – as already mentioned – be combined with all sorts of living concepts and facilities. After all, such pieces of furniture are the best solution for living rooms, furnished in country style, since they can create a feeling of coziness and naturalness. The driftwood furniture with its rustic appeal harmonizes particularly well with the warmer wall colors, such as yellow, red and orange. But when buying driftwood furniture, keep in mind that in most cases they are massive and would not fit in a smaller space. Therefore, if you do not have enough space in your home, you should think about the interior design or not buy large pieces of furniture.

Raise the interior to a new luxury level

Trozt the widespread opinion, the furniture, made of driftwood, not priceless. In the past, working with wood was really tedious, which is why such furniture is considered a real luxury. But today that is not the case and although driftwood furniture is a bit more expensive than other pieces of furniture, you can afford it. You may wonder why you should buy a piece of old wood furniture whose price is not low at all. The answer is simple: driftwood furniture gives the interior an individual character and as something special and extraordinary it can also stimulate your dreams.

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