Slimming is no longer the ubiquitous. The motto “Beautiful is what is natural” characterizes the current trend, which is mostly better accepted and supersedes the slimming ideal that was hip until recently. One is already aware that beauty also has different appearances than just being slim. It really took a while for this renaissansian attitude to prevail to bring out the beauty of the chubby characters. The curvy feminine forms have already made their way onto the catwalk of the fashion world and enrich it with naturalness and equality.

“Clothes make people” is still a principle in the design of the outfit. The right outfit can set your curvy shapes in scene and guarantee you a confident appearance. In this post we give you the best styling tips so you can find the most beautiful dresses for the chubby who are also the latest craze of fashion and give their appearance self-assurance.

Fashion for chubby: stand out from the crowd

With the removal of the unconditionally slim ideal of beauty, all chubby women can enjoy their curves to the fullest. Forget the unspoken rules that chubby women must wear dark and loose clothes that best conceal their forms. The “Molly-Mode” does not want to overshadow the curves, but to gently emphasize the feminine curves. There is no other piece of clothing that so impressively emphasizes femininity and puts the feminine shapes as well as the dress. On the Internet, you can find an unlimited variety of dresses for chubby from the most diverse brands. From the dress of Vero-Moda to that of Pomod – as much as the dress cuts look like, they make the dresses look different. Esprit, on the other hand, offers customers an online Fit Fit Guide, so you can shine with joy when you look in the mirror. With our golden tips, buying clothes for the chubby becomes a pleasure to look stunning and convey your confident self-awareness.

Dresses for chubby: Different dress cuts, lengths and fabre scrutinized

Many women dream of a bosom while you have gotten it from nature. Tops with V-neck or Greek waterfall cut add playful accents and accentuate your female circumstances. If you want to distract from the belly approach, then there is no other cut that can hide it as well as a dress with A-line. Whether a short or a long dress, the A-line is the best choice because it fits your figure the best. Combine the dress with a waist belt, which also shapes your silhouette. Keep your arms in trouble, think of bulky sleeves. Do not limit yourself to single-colored dark dresses, because you can stand out with a suitably patterned dress from the crowd: Be the flamingo among all the pigeons! The trendy striped pattern on the dress makes you look taller and slimmer. Particularly cool in chubby women, the longitudinal stripes, as this striped pattern makes the figure look taller by its vertical arrangement. As for the length you need, the midi dresses are perfect for the chubby and are an absolute trend for 2018. Since last year, this dress sets the tone in fashion and quite deservedly. This length looks feminine, elegant and noble and fits perfectly with any occasion. In combination with a striking hem, you lift the slimmest part of your legs out. Now only the high heels are missing, so you become the fashion queen. Also choose the right dress size – not too small, not too big. In the first case you set disadvantageous accents, in the second you set no accents. Both are unacceptable. Only the ideal size can accentuate your chocolate sides.

With the perfect dress for chubby you are ready to conquer the world!

Decide what impression you want to make in public – that of a shy girl with curvy shapes, or one of a self-confident and proud woman with a flawless silhouette. Self-esteem starts with your gorgeous outfit and ends with your personal charisma. So you can feel comfortable in your own skin, you must first feel comfortable in your clothes. The most beautiful piece of clothing a woman can wear is a dress that fits her as well as the hug of the man she is in love with!

Dresses for chubby: “Authentic is the new cool!”

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