When the winter days come, the radiator is the most important part of the design of our apartment. But most people will say that it looks ugly and does not match modern interiors. That is not so! With a matching radiator panel, your radiator can turn into a part of the device or a real eye-catcher! Take a look at our tips and get creative ideas from our stunning examples.

Why radiator paneling?

The desire of all people is a beautiful overall picture when setting up their own home, which fits the individuality of the residents. This is exactly one of the advantages of radiator paneling. The old radiators can be integrated by a panel modern and stylish. You also have the opportunity to bring a personal touch, if you choose the color and design yourself. Creative applications are also available. Because the radiator panels are made very stable, they can be used as cozy benches or practical cabinets and shelves. You will find examples in our great picture gallery.

The new trend – radiator cladding made of metal

The metal is the most preferred material for radiator paneling. Why? As it gives the radiator a modern look and fascinates with simple design and clean lines. You can also choose the colors and dimensions yourself. Another major advantage of metal cladding – very stable and robust. In no case can she slip. This is very important if you want to integrate the radiator as furniture in the interior.

Radiator cover made of wood

The radiator looks warm and cozy, so it combines perfectly with a radiator panel made of wood. The wood offers many uses for a country-style décor and is very light and practical for use as a cabinet or shelf. In the picture you can see that the panel has a shape like net that looks beautiful and does not contain the heat.

Do you need more inspiration? Scroll down to see our great picture gallery 🙂

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