If you have a home or a penthouse, do not hesitate to hire this space for your needs. You just need a good idea to get a new wardrobe, a wine cellar or a dog house for your dog when you design your staircase.

You can design a small kitchen under the staircase

Of course, everything depends on the shape and size of the stairwell underneath. In general, a straight or angled staircase, ideally with a steel construction is used. The concrete structures are sturdy, and if you opt for a glass staircase, their arrangement spoils the beauty of the glass.

Under the stairs you can also watch TV

If you do not use the space under the stairs with standard furniture, in most cases with a desk or chest of drawers, then you will need to order bespoke furniture. Then a smaller chamber under the stairs or a playroom is enough for the children most often installed. But in most cases, when the space is really small, we then store small items, such as wine bottles, shoes, sports equipment, etc.
You can set up classic doors or drawers with runners that allow the entire drawer to be ejected. In narrow spaces, the sliding doors can come in handy, and if we have no money left, then a fabric curtain can be used.

The children can have their own playground under the stairs

Although this room is often designed for relaxing or working, it is not appropriate from the point of view of Feng Shui. And unconsciously we feel that our mind can not calm down. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the Feng Shui advice.
In some cases it is not possible to use the space under the stairs, but they can then use the inside of the stairs

Place everything under the stairs

leave open. For a smaller staircase, you can use built-in drawers to open the doors. In some cases we hog the open space, but then we have to count with the ubiquitous dust.

To use some ideas, such as the space under the stairs, look at the following tips

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