You want to ventilate the apartment, but the door pops full force? Forget this problem by sewing a doorstop! The doorstop is a handy thing to secure the doors open so they do not go away by themselves. Fabric door stoppers are particularly easy to sew and can even fulfill decorative functions – we offer you a few such ideas in this article! DIY doorstops can even be made from old scraps of fabric, and they can look really beautiful – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! We hope that you try one of our suggestions, and hope you enjoy crafting!

Doorstop Sewing is easy!

Türstopper nähen zylindrisch floraler Stoff
Türstopper nähen zylindrisch mit Henkel
Türstopper nähen rechteckig Stoffmuster Anker
Doorstop Doorstops sew from old stuffed animal
Türstopper nähen Plüschtier
Türstopper nähen Plüschtier
Doing the doorstop yourself is quicker and easier – by using an old, already useless stuffed animal. These types of toys are usually filled with cotton wool, which unfortunately is too light – to fulfill its task, the doorstop should be slightly heavier. To do this, open the plush toy at the bottom, remove some of the cotton wool and place small pebbles or ceramic baking beans in their place. Finally, close the stuffed animal and you’re done!

Doorstops sew in the form of a cube

Türstopper nähen Würfel Materialien
Türstopper nähen Würfel Henkel machen
Türstopper nähen Würfel
Türstopper nähen Würfel originell
Türstopper nähen Würfel attraktiv
Türstopper nähen Würfel dekorativ
From useless scraps can also make a compact doorstop in cube shape, which you can decorate arbitrarily. You will need: 6 square, equally sized pieces of cloth with a length of 15cm, a rectangular piece that is 17-18cm long and about 7.5cm wide, a bag of rice or lentils that will give the doorstop the necessary weight, as well as buttons, Lace and some patterned fabric for decoration (optional). First, you should make a handle out of the rectangular piece of fabric. To do this, fold it up and sew it lengthwise – decorate as desired with some lace or patterned fabric (the squares for the cube sides can also be decorated as desired). Now sew the four sides of the cube together with the outside of the fabric pointing inwards, and also sew the finished handle to the fifth square. To make the job easier, they fix the elements with pins – so you will not slip when sewing. Finally, use the handle to sew the square upside down and repeat the same with the floor, but firstly fill the doorstop with some cotton wool and add the weight. Already finished!

Stitch doorstop: cute owl

Türstopper nähen Eule Schablone
Türstopper nähen Eule wie geht es
Türstopper nähen Eule Anleitung
Türstopper nähen Eule Flügel machen
Türstopper nähen Eule füllen
Türstopper nähen Eule niedlich pink
Türstopper nähen Eule lustig Anleitung
Türstopper nähen lustige Eule
A cute doorstop owl can be easily made with the sewing machine itself. To do this you first have to cut paper or cardboard stencils for the individual elements – with the help of which you can transfer the desired shapes to the fabric (as the stencil should look like, see the photos above). Without a template, the elements of the owl can be difficult to match. When you have finished with the templates, cut out the fabric accordingly. Then make eyes and beak for the owl and glue or sew them to the fabric. Stick the back, front and bottom of the figure together with pins – the inside of the fabric should face outwards again. Sew the pieces together leaving only a small opening in the area of ​​the bottom for filling. If desired, you can also add wings to make your owl look like a real one.
Türstopper nähen humorvoll mit Schnurrbart
Türstopper nähen Haus
Türstopper nähen originell Fliegenpilz
Türstopper nähen konisch originell
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Türstopper nähen Beutel wie geht es
Türstopper nähen Beutel
Türstopper nähen Beutel mit Schnur
Türstopper nähen lustig Birne
Türstopper nähen originell Apfel

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