The most important question in your life has already been asked. With the answer “YES” you enter the beginning of the wedding” planning> – date, wedding” parade> , place, guests, clothes … But do you remember what is missing in the list yet? – The second most important couple next to the bride and groom – the” best man> , and the closest circle of friends in the role of bridesmaid” and groomsman> . The choice is difficult but totally recommendable. Let your closest friends and girlfriends take on these honorable roles in your Ball of Love. With a creative invitation, the question: “Do you want to be my maid of honor?” Brings your chosen ones even greater joy. In this post we have summarized the best crafting ideas for your groomsmen / bridesmaid / groomsman.

The second most important question about “Will you marry me?” Is:

Do you want to be my maid of honor?

The necessary materials:

For this stunning instruction, you need nothing more than:

  • round cardboard box with roof;
  • cut into strips Packaging material;
  • book;
  • Etiquette with salutations;
  • small engagement rings;
  • Garland;
  • colorful paper sheets

Domestic equipments:

  • Printer;
  • Camera or mobile phone;
  • Scissors;
  • black pencil;

Step 1: Take a photo shoot

The first step is to take a photo shoot. First, decide whether to use handwritten or printed salutations. If you opt for printed labels, take a look at our” contribution to calligraphic fonts> , which you can download for free and use later. Write a word of the whole salutation on different colored paper sheets, as shown in the photo.

If all the leaves are beautifully written, the funnier part of our tutorial can start – the photo shoot. Photographing different positions with the leaves and your engagement ring – that would be a treat for your maid of honor.

Step 2: Create the booklets

Are you also charmed by the charm these booklets have? You can order them on the internet. Just find the best deal, send all the photos you made before and wait for the delivery date. If you would like to make something suitable for the occasion, then take a look at our article for DIY” photo box> – there you will also find some wonderful craft ideas that can be used to the destination.

Step 3: Give the girlfriend an amazing touch

Give the little book even greater charm with these brilliant details. First open the book and pull the garland through. Make a knot on the back of the book. Also tie a small engagement ring with the garland on the booklet.

Yay, your creation is almost complete!

Step 4: Pack the maid of honor questions beautifully

Finally, you should pack your unusual creation beautifully. Fill the box with packaging material cut into strips and place the book on it. Cover the box and tie the garland around the box. Make a knot. Free template for beautiful labels Vintage or Modern you can easily find on the internet, just look for the word “template tag print”. Write a nice salutation or “You are my best friend sayings”.

Make surprise box: Will you be my maid of honor?

You got the engagement ring and now you are faced with the decision to invite which girlfriends to the maid of honor and also how to ask them? We’ve brought together many “girlfriend surprise” ideas for the same occasions. Our idea for maid of honor questions gift is very creative and also easy. Let’s continue with the necessary materials and the steps in the manual:

The required materials:

  • Wooden Scrabble letters
  • paint
  • adhesive
  • rings
  • Hobby scissors
  • Ring Box
  • permanent markers
  • Sandpaper for wood
  • Paper cutter with popular pattern
  • colorful paper sheets

Step 1: Apply two pads of paint on the Scrabble letters and let it dry for 2 days.

Step 2: Using the sandpaper, file the edges of the letters.

Step 3: Apply a drop of glue to the ring and place the letter on it. Let the glue dry overnight.

So fulminant looks your personal ring, yes?

Step 4: Measure the circumference of your engagement ring box and cut strips after the reading. Decorate the strips with the paper cutter.

Step 5: Cut smaller strips of paper that match the size of the inside of the box. Embellish it with the help of the patterned paper cutter.

Step 6: Write on the long strip: “T” stands for …

And on the smaller strip: “maid of honor”

Step 7: Repeat the steps and create other great and colorful labels and labels, such as:

Will you be my… ? ⇒ maid of honor or bridesmaid

I can say YES …

Without you!

Step 8: Glue the smaller strips to the inner side of the roof using the double-sided tape.

Step 9: Roll the long strip around the box and fasten with double-sided tape.

Make scratch card yourself: Do you want to be my maid of honor?

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