Think of hairstyles from the stars … Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barimore, Sienna Miller – they all wear a natural hair color, as if kissed by the sun! And if it is combined with romantic waves, Hammer simply works! Acts as a natural hair color, but is not, that is the technique Balayage, much better than Ombré and totally trendy! We’ll tell you the best hair colors and balayage looks and that’s not all! Here you can find out how to create the trendy balayage effect at home yourself!

Balayage – hair, as kissed by the sun!

What is balayage? Is this the new Ombré? Not really. The Balayage look differs a lot from Ombré and is more based on a natural look that is emphasized and embellished with delicate highlights. What do highlights mean? These are strands that are only a few shades lighter than the original color and are painted in uneven intervals in the hair. This creates a natural look, unlike the Hairstyle -Blonde strands. Balayage is suitable for bleaching as well as for colorations from brown to red. For blond or red hair, the effect is beautiful, as you can convince yourself from the top picture. A balayage look is by no means equal to the other. This is also the charm of this hairstyle – each one is different beautiful! Who wants to make an envelope, can choose a balayage effect with strong contrasts between the upper and the lower half of the hair. If you want to create a soft balayage effect and just want something fancy, you can do Balayage yourself at home. It is very simple, we will show you step by step how to do it, and with our help you will have your eyes fixed on you!

Balayage Blonde – Not just blonde strands, but ombré look

For Balayage Ombré Look, the technique is very different from, for example, the aluminum foil technique, especially when it comes to Balayage Blond (see picture above). “In New York, for example, there are uptown and downtown blondes. The uptown blond is immaculate, you do not see any approach, it looks very clean. But if you only want blond strands with a balayage effect, work with aluminum foil. In this way the hair color looks more organic and natural. Similarly, the new color technique Tigereye-Hair, in the brown and gold shades are conjured into the hair. A combination between Balayage and Tigereye-Hair is shown in the following instructions. Let yourself be inspired!

Brown hair with highlights – Balayage technology at home

The most beautiful thing about Balayage hair is the natural effect that we can not achieve with any hair color or Ombré technique. Many hairdressers reveal that you should only make balayage at a barber with experience. Of course, we agree that you get the look on the picture above difficult at home, but you can lighten your brown hair with highlights and create a stunning beach look. We will show you step by step how to do it yourself: We have also prepared a video tutorial for you! Just scroll down!

Balayage make yourself – How it works:

In the picture you can see everything you need to make balayage technique at home and to get beautiful brown hair with highlights. The first step is to spread the hair as shown in the picture above:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:


Balayage make yourself: Video instructions

Many Balayage and Ombré hair techniques and cool hairstyles await you in our gallery! Enjoy our suggestions!

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