Never underestimate the table decoration, as it makes the first impression on your guests on every occasion! Do not forget that the table design is an essential part of the whole decoration. Regardless of whether you’re preparing for a birthday, a wedding, or just a day-to-day dinner, you’re looking for something creative and interesting. DIY table decoration with napkin shapes is our tip for you today. Decorate your table by making beautiful napkin shapes yourself. Do not worry! It’s fast and easy. These hand techniques bring charm to every home for every celebration.

Put on the DIY table decoration with napkin molds!

Do not be afraid to experiment with napkin folding to make the table more beautiful. They only need creativity and imagination to create such forms of napkins. The napkin folding can appear in a variety of different forms. You could create a heart napkin yourself; create a tie or turkey from the napkins; make a rose or even a tuxedo. This artistic handcrafting fits perfectly with the table decoration. So take the challenge to make the table yourself and turn napkin folding into a beautiful experience.

Ideal for every occasion!

Elegant style at the table decoration!

Combine red colors with nuances of white and green, or choose napkins in navy blue. So, these napkin shapes will be a colorful addition to the table, overflowing with gray and colorless plates, bowls, glasses, etc. Know that decoratively folded napkins ennoble any table and table decoration.

A colorful addition on the table!

Here you’ll find cool ideas for napkin shapes with a helpful folding guide of pictures that you could easily imitate. With this list of patterns you get inspiration to make yourself for the table decoration. Use our tips for DIY table decoration with paper and cloth napkins to pleasantly surprise your family or your guests. Thanks to the following patterns, your table will have a miraculous effect on your mood.

Would you like to organize a romantic dinner?

How do you fold napkins? Let’s see! Take a look at how to fold napkins to create different shapes. Here is a short folding guide for selected napkin shapes to create such step by step. Can you create a fan of the napkins? Try now! This is a classic but only current trend in folding techniques, which is done in 6 steps.

  1. Take a napkin and open it once. So she is half folded. Turn the napkin 90 degrees so that the narrow side is in front of you.
  2. Fold a 3 cm. wide stripes. Do not forget to paint the kink very well.
  3. Fold this strip like an accordion. Continue to fold until you have 1/3 left.
  4. Turn the napkin over and fold once in the middle.
  5. Fold the smooth part diagonally.
  6. Then pull very well.

All steps are illustrated by the following pictures:

There is still a similar folding technique, if you want to finish a peacock. But you need a piece of aluminum foil except the napkin. But it is important that this piece is smaller than the napkin.

  1. Place the aluminum foil on the napkin.
  2. Fold the napkin on the middle diagonal. It is important that the aluminum foil is also folded.
  3. Once again on the midline and again. This technique mimics the principle of the flyer folds.
  4. Finally, place the above-described fan for the peacock. And the figure is ready.

Take a look at all the steps in completing this peacock!

You already have a peacock napkin on the table, which impresses with its charming design.

The napkins with the shape of a peacock appear in a variety.

Does not this peacock look very nice?

Discover other fresh ideas for the DIY table decoration thanks to the following list of other examples of how you could fold the napkins. Whether you know some of them or not. It’s an exciting experience anyway if you look at these pictures.

Surprise with creativity!

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