A complete shoes mess as far as the eye can see! The disorderly shoes are already hanging out to your throat. Do not panic, in this post we will show you how to handle the chaos. Solve the problem with the clutter with the right shoe rack. From a large shoe cabinet, through the closed shoe racks, to the shoe seat – the most common ways to get things

Shoe shelves and shoe cabinets always look similar, but with our DIY shoe storage ideas you can bring color to life. The hexagonal shoe rack enchants with its beautiful geometric look. In addition to the unusual appearance, it is space-saving and the production is cost-effective. When building a hexagonal shoe cabinet yourself, you can combine the Hexagon elements individually to create an attractive look. The hexagonal shoe rack can not only be held on the wall, but you can also give the old bench with shoe rack a new coat of paint.



Build the necessary materials and equipment for a fancy shoe rack:

The shopping list is relatively short and easy to do:

  • Ikea Billy bookshelves in most popular color / We used one in white./
  • wood glue
  • Nails and hammer or screws and cordless screwdriver
  • wood panels
  • sandpaper
  • brush
  • cloth
  • wood paint

Measurements and dimensions for the hexagonal cells

The 10-inch hexagons are perfect when your shoe size is 7.5, otherwise the shoes will rise a bit. The hexagonal cell consists of 6 pieces of wood. In order for the pieces to fit together perfectly, you should cut them at 30 ° when cutting. It would be better if you let the wood panels cut. You need 48 wood pieces for 8 hexagons that fit perfectly in the Ikea Billy cabinet.

Hexagon shoe rack DIY manual

Step 1: Cut the wooden boards.

If you want to cut the plates yourself, then follow our instructions. Cut 48 pieces of wood 5¾ inches x 10 inches. Then dull the angle to 30º and cut the pieces of wood again.

Step 2: Build the hexagon cell.

Hit two nails on one side of each piece of wood as shown in the photo.

Apply the wood glue to the edges.

Fix the pieces with the nails and let the glue dry. It is best to let the cell dry at night.

Step 3: Paint

Before you paint the cells, sand the surfaces of the cells with sandpaper and then remove the dirt with a wet cloth.

When the wood has dried well, you can start painting. Let the cells dry at night.

Step 4: Build the shoe rack completely

The Ikea Billy cupboard has 2 levels. Remove the plates and arrange the hexagon cells inside. Put one of the plates on the cells. Arrange with two small rattan baskets to spice up the look.

Step 5: Put the shoes inside

Now you can enjoy the order.

Build a colorful unique shoe cabinet yourself

Combine the hexagons in different patterns and create a totally unique look of the shoe rack. Thanks to the colorful colors of the different cells, your shoe rack will be a real eye-catcher. The instructions and measurements are as in the above manual. In the end, you can not just put the shelf in the closet, but also hold it on the wall for a modern look.

Photo guide: Build a large shoe cabinet yourself

Conclusion: With our creative shoe storage ideas, you can not only build a new and unusual shoe rack yourself, but also spice up your old shoe bench. The hexagons are a real trend in home design. Let your imagination run wild and bring color to life with these great DIY ideas with hexagon shoe rack, book shelf, flowerpot holder … The possibilities are limited only by imagination. Find many more stunning inspirations in our gallery:

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