Are you looking for a new home idea and inspiration for creative design of your home? To feel good in the four walls, you do not always have to spend hundreds and thousands of euros. Anyone can buy furniture and home accessories. Do not you mean it? But if you want to create a unique and individual living ambience, then opt for do-it-yourself variants. We propose you some cool DIY home decor in copper color which will give your home a charm and give it an extravagant look. Take a look at our great suggestions for DIY. There are simple instructions available. Continue reading. It is worth it ..

Beautiful home ideas for DIY for an individual home!

Charm in copper color in every room!

Copper is the new trend in interior design. The noble metal gives warmth and appears in different combinations. Copper as a color or finish is perfect for any interior design style and any room in your home. Especially in the living room, copper is making a big comeback. Copper colored accessories can be combined very well with the different colors and living styles.

Copper returns!

Noble furniture in the living room!

Living ideas are available to every taste. Among the most popular are of course the flowers. Flowers beautify your home, right? They serve as a perfect

A super creative living idea for your beautiful home! Here is the simple guide. For two hanging baskets you need the following materials:

Copper pipe;


12 leather straps;



What do you need while making your own!


Cut the pipes with the hacksaw for a traffic light!

Cut three pieces of 18 cm and three by 7 cm in length!

Knot leather straps so that they are three long!

On the first volume a big tube, then a small and then again a big thread!

Next tape pull from the outside through the last threaded large pipe, on it a new small pipe and again a big one!

Thread the third tape from the outside through the last big pipe, behind it the last small pipe and finally from the inside through the very first big pipe!

From all the big pipes two strings should come!

Pull them together, take them together and lift the big tubes!

Knead about 4 cm above all ribbons and hang a matching flowerpot!

How to do it!

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Lighting in copper color? Why not? You can easily make wall sconces yourself. The following instructions are illustrated with pictures to make it clearer. Have fun!

How can you make wall sconces made of copper yourself?

Step by step instructions!

Wall lamp made of copper!

Furniture and Wohnaccessoieres could be colored in a copper color! Copper chairs, beds, tables, beer mats, pitchers, candle holders or coat racks? What do you choose? Everyone looks beautiful and extravagant. They become a real eye-catcher. So many home decor in copper color are available to you. Discover even more creative suggestions in the gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

Get a piece of copper in your home!

Copper is fully in trend!

Table in copper color!

Furniture in copper color will be a real eye-catcher!

DIY home idea in copper color for the bathroom!

DIY interior design ideas in copper color!

Copper colored cookware!

Make wall lamp made of copper itself!

Creative living ideas to make your own: flowerpot made of copper!

Vases in copper color!

These copper-colored cups look nice, right?

Copper colored chair!

Copper-colored mirror!

Shelf in copper color!

Copper-colored lampshade!

Lamp made of copper!

Copper returns!

Living ideas in copper color for the kitchen!

Cookware Set in copper color!

Clothes rail made of copper!

Copper colored clothes rack!

Copper candle holders!

Pot in copper color!

Cutlery in copper color!

Copper colored home accessories!

Shelf in copper color!

Hanging pot of copper is easy to do!

Everyone can make a wall lamp made of copper!

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